Justice delayed

Wikileaks chief Julian Assange ‘thankful’ after winning right to appeal extradition to Sweden

WIKILEAKS chief Julian Assange said he was “thankful” after being granted the right to pursue his appeal against extradition to Sweden at Britain’s Supreme Court.

The 40-year-old Australian, who faces allegations of sexual misconduct in Stockholm, was present at London’s High Court to hear the ruling over his application, which he later praised as the “correct decision.”

The ruling means Assange does not face immediate deportation and now has two weeks to officially lodge a written appeal to the Supreme Court.

Assange, who denies any wrongdoing, was arrested in Britain last December on a European warrant over allegations of rape and sexual assault made by two women over a five-day period in Stockholm last August.


The transferring of the case to the Supreme Court was expected to keep Assange in the UK for several months before a final ruling is made.

Time wounds all heels.

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7 Responses to Justice delayed

  1. crawdad says:

    In some countries if you’re convicted of stealing they chop off your hand.

    Just sayin’

  2. yttik says:

    What a sanctimonious twit! He sees himself as some great advocate of justice for the people:

    “…..many aggrieved families in the UK and other countries and in Europe are struggling for justice…….The long struggle for justice for me and others continues.”

    He’s not trying to avoid rape charges, he’s trying to save millions of grieving families from the UK’s evil deportation system.

  3. Pips says:

    Says lawyer who represents the Swedish women Claes Borgström:

    My clients have waited for over a year for a legal conclusion of this and now they will have to wait even longer.
    Then it will still end with Assange being transferred to Sweden. The rules are very clear about this.
    I regret he himself doesn’t choose to hand himself over.
    Now they have to wait for another few months. We are hardened by now, but of course this is still stressful.

    Also: Note how the hacker group “Anonymous”, part of OWS and responsible for closing down the homepages of both the Swedish Prosecution Authority and Claes Borgström (attacks that led to him getting police protection at the time), back when the case started.

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