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And There’s the Purple Elephant

Right after my vague description of the purple elephant in politics, a real-life example came up. A county in Tennessee has a unique arrangement. Rural residents in Obion County do not have their own fire department. The nearby city of … Continue reading

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She’s tired

Bill Clinton says wife Hillary just ‘wants a good night’s sleep’ Former President Bill Clinton dropped by “The View” on Wednesday and dismissed rumors that his wife had her eye on the White House. “She wants to stay in one … Continue reading

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The Chicago Way

Indiana 2008 Presidential Primary Election Fraud Probe Heats Up Charity Rorie, a mother of four, sat in her Mishawaka, Ind., kitchen, stunned that her name appeared on a 2008 Democratic presidential primary petition for then-candidate Barack Obama. “That’s not my … Continue reading

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Fuck-you, Tweety!

Chris Matthews can talk all he wants about Newt Gingrich. I don’t dispute that every word he says in the clip above is accurate. But I haven’t forgotten Tweety’s obsession with The Clenis. When Newt and the GOP were trying … Continue reading

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Populist candidate gives great speech

According to some media sources, a populist candidate for POTUS gave a real barn-burner of a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas yesterday: But for most Americans, the basic bargain that made this country great has eroded. Long before the recession hit, … Continue reading

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Tennessee family home burns while firefighters watch A Tennessee couple helplessly watched their home burn to the ground, along with all of their possessions, because they did not pay a $75 annual fee to the local fire department. Vicky Bell … Continue reading

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70 years ago – Day of Infamy

4 battleships sunk 3 battleships damaged 1 battleship grounded 2 destroyers sunk 1 other ship sunk 3 cruisers damaged 1 destroyer damaged 3 other ships damaged One hundred eighty-eight aircraft destroyed 155 aircraft damaged 2,402 killed 1,247 wounded The Arizona … Continue reading

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