Non-News – Newt’s Naughty

Woman says she performed sexual acts on married Newt in 1977, thinks voters simply must know

A woman who worked for Newt Gingrich’s first successful congressional campaign in 1977 is sharing allegations of an adulterous affair with her boss in an attempt to stem the rise of the current GOP front-runner.

Anne Manning says that she had an adulterous relationship with Gingrich 34 years ago. At the time, he was married to his first wife, Jackie Battley, and campaigning for Congress with the slogan “Let Our Family Represent Your Family.”

Manning told the National Inquirer that she performed a sexual act on Gingrich in a Washington, D.C. hotel room, but adds that they didn’t have sex so that “he could say he had not slept with me.”

“He always talks about being big on family values but he doesn’t practice what he preaches,” Manning said, according to London’s Daily Mail newspaper. “I wasn’t planning to say a word about him, but voters need to know what sort of man they’re being asked to support.”

Manning first alleged in 1995 that she had had an affair with Gingrich, telling Vanity Fair, “We had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her.’”

Gingrich has publicly acknowledged his past infidelities: He cheated on his first wife with Marianne Ginther, who he later married. In turn, he cheated on Ginther with his current wife Callista Gingrich.

So back when Jimmy Carter was in his first year in the Oval Office this woman played a tune on Newt’s skin flute. I’m shocked. Shocked!

I’m shocked she kept it a secret so long.

Any bets on how the media will handle this?

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23 Responses to Non-News – Newt’s Naughty

  1. Lulu says:

    What ever happened to being a lady or gentleman and not kissing and telling every single thing you ever did? Why would anyone admit to this stuff? Is bad attention better than no attention? This is simply pathetic.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance

    An Islamic cleric residing in Europe said that women should not be close to bananas or cucumbers, in order to avoid any “sexual thoughts.”

  3. Jeffhas says:


  4. DeniseVB says:

    Well Candidate Obama was forced on us as the Sinless Saviour of the Worrrrrrld, how’s that working out for us? 😛

  5. guest says:

    This one sided lynching is getting tiresome. Media, so how about a few tidbits about Obama? It is not like he is the lone virgin in the whorehouse. Blago’s wife was shedding tears yesterday as he was talking to reporters. I want Jarrett, Obama, and all the others of their ilk brought to justice as well.

    • Anthony says:

      “This one sided lynching is getting tiresome. Media, so how about a few tidbits about Obama?”

      President Jarrett will never allow that.

      Re: your question about how the media will handle this? Not at all like they did for Cain. This won’t get one minute of press, and Gloria Allred is strangely invisible.

      The MSM wants Independents and Moderates to believe that Newt will be the inevitable nominee and support The Changeling in 2012.

  6. yttik says:

    It’s pretty funny talking to kids about current events these days. If we keep having these 50-60 yr olds on TV talking about their sexcapades, we could create a whole new generation that believes in abstinence only.

    I never thought of it from a teen-agers perspective, but they’re right, these people are really old! When I was that age, I did not want to think about my parent’s generation having sex, let alone my grandparents.

  7. timothy2010 says:

    I hate to admit this and wish I were a better person but I confess if i could have anyone I wanted whenever i wanted I’d cave and give in to desire. That being said who one diddles in an adult consensual manner is none of my business. One of my best friends gets her panties in a bunch every time some infidelity occurs in real life or the media but that holier than thou attitude didn’t prevent her from shagging two married men. In her convoluted world the guy alone was wrong.
    I wonder could the Big Dawg been the man he was if he were not such a dog. Anyhow semen stained off the rack dresses are between him hillary and Monica.

  8. guest says:

    I think Newt is the only one who has the courage to take on the Chicago machine. Romney and his people look like ballerinas. He makes me sick in that respect. When Obama people have a go at him, he will not know what hit him unless he is the choice of the puppeteers this time in which case he will get all the protection he needs. But the puppeteers seem fine with Obama.

  9. timothy2010 says:

    Maybe i am just of a contrary nature but every time MSM tells me why I don’t like Newt and will never vote for him my affinity grows for the man. i had no tv for close to 20 years when i lived in Manhattan. Scares me that I was permitted to think for that long without maddow’s guidance.

  10. myiq2xu says:

    I’m not feeling very good this morning. I’m going back to bed.

    I’ll try to post something more when I get back up.

  11. kc says:

    I always despised Newt–but, this is a little strange that everytime someone jumps to the front in the polls some dirt comes out about them. Reminds me on someone always trying to take the competition out before the race.

  12. foxyladi14 says:

    it isn’t safe to be the flavor of the month.

  13. Dario says:

    Uh-hah, now we must know the boring details of Newt’s life. ZZZZZZ.

  14. crawdad says:

    Next they’ll tell us that Hugh Hefner isn’t a virgin.

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