Romney’s “accidental” anti-Newt ad

Pro-Romney group accidentally leaks ad attacking Gingrich

A well-funded group backing Mitt Romney accidentally posted a campaign ad that harshly attacks Newt Gingrich.

The ad said Democrats are hoping for Gingrich as the nominee because all of his “baggage,” including ethics violations while he was Speaker of the House and earlier support of climate change legislation, “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants, and a requirement that everyone buys health insurance.

The group, Restore Our Future, announced a $3.1 million ad buy in Iowa earlier in the day, and released an ad praising Romney’s record in the private sector and slamming President Obama.

The anti-Gingrich ad was put on YouTube on Thursday night but was quickly taken down. Brittany Gross, a spokesperson for the group, said that “it’s an unfinished ad” and that the group would not comment further on it at this time.

Mitt doesn’t have the balls to do it himself.

“But screw your courage to the sticking place . . .”

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20 Responses to Romney’s “accidental” anti-Newt ad

  1. votermom says:

    That’s his MO. He has attack dogs that do his dirty work for him.

  2. timothy2010 says:

    Know a lot of you here despise Newt but I’d take him over mittens any day. No denying that the man is smart and once a republican candidate is declared it is going to get ugly. New media is beyond in the tank for bambi. Only Newt, Sarah or Rudy has the cajones/ovaries to slap the shit out of a MSM. Okay and Trump but he is on his own planet. A unified passionate front and waffles becomes toast. Mitts makes McCain seem exciting.

  3. myiq2xu says:

    Check out Rick Perry’s jacket:

    • myiq2xu says:

      It’s the same one worn by Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain

      • timothy2010 says:

        That is funny. finally got around to reading the short story the movie was based on. think the Michelle Williams characters story would make an even more compelling story. the dynamics of a wife/mother discovering her husband is a mo and because of duty or love for kids she stands by him. So much dramatic promise.
        Ad is banal and may galvanize the Santorem crowd but alienates the middle.left and right need to give the wedge issues of gay marriage and abortion a rest. Card has been played and people are bored. Immigration is what people are fired up about and ricky can’t sell his record in PA or Ohio

        • Three Wickets says:

          Hmm, sounds like a good read, I might try and find the book. Thought Michelle Williams in the movie was hotter than Hathaway and the boys.

    • 1539days says:

      I gotta say, I think kids should be able to celebrate Christmas in schools. I’m sure that gays in the military thing was a “dog whistle” but he didn’t say anything about reversing it in the ad.

      • timothy2010 says:

        Disagree. School is for learning. No religion should be evoked ever. A winter holiday festivity perhaps but no Jesus born to a virgin mother. No African harvest– which i find especially offensive as Africa is a frigging continent not a country or a religion. No hannakah(sp?) no nothing. Kids go to school to learn. Inculcate a belief system on your own time or send them to private school.

      • timothy2010 says:

        Other thing kids do not need to learn about sex with the exception of protection. Not the schools job to make it okay to be gay or a single parent or biracial. Schools job is to teach not to indoctrinate. i am a gay man and from what I have read of California school programs I’d take great offense. Do not some left wing school board manipulating my child. Teach em to count and read but do not shove an agenda down my charges throat even if I agree with the cause.

  4. Cate says:

    Where’s the seam across the upper chest? And, there doesn’t appear to be a fur lining in Perry’s…

  5. timothy2010 says:

    On a gay note how did I not know The White Stripes covered Jolene til today? As a gay man Dolly is(along with Cheryl Crow and Chrissy Hines) and always will be my gay icon. And big fan of White Stripes

      • timothy2010 says:

        Thank you’
        Amazing how so many of her ditties have been re-interpreted. besides the voice and obvious talent I was taken by here as a kid by her sense of humor.

        • timothy2010 says:

          Also as someone who tended bar/waited tables for 20 years in NYC. Hands dow. n favorite celebrity customers were Dolly Parton, Randy Johnson(the Unit) and Kelly Rippa. Regular folks who demanded nothing because of celebrity in fact Rippa was seated next to the service station and i was busy so she filled water glasses. with rippa and Johnson biggest thing was how they made sure their kids were polite to their server. Trust me i have dealt with everyone and that is beyond rare

  6. timothy2010 says:

    Last thing about Dolly I think her genius lies in the fact that every song allows the listener to create a little story in their own head. She is a writer. Even 9to 5 her non-whitney biggest hit is a short story., Subtlety is the key with her art. Jolene or Coat of many Colors or Travelin thru are vague enough to allow the audience to project. most pop music is about immediacy. Not so much with Parton. Makes me re-listen to Lady Gaga anew. She also tells a story with every dong.

    • Jeffhas says:

      She also tells a story with every dong.

      Short stories or lengthy novels?

      • timothy2010 says:

        Listen to any Dolly penned song and tell me you don’t do a run through in your own head of a story. i will always love you? Every parent plays that in head when picking up a newborn child. Jolene. well everyone knows there will be someone else who is going to provide something different to a loved one. Jolene is such a selfish song. She’s asking another woman to forgo something so she can keep what she has. Even if it means less for the one she loves. 9 to 5 was composed on an emery board while she had down time on set. Who cannot relate to that song. Work hard be taken advantage of. She turns that pop song into a story and one people can identify with

  7. timothy2010 says:

    last one at 60 plus she penned this

    Life can suck ass but the only way out of a rut is to move forward. Harping on how unfair the world is even when true only limits you

  8. Three Wickets says:

    Noonan on the wild and crazy. Gingrich Is Inspiring—and Disturbing

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