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Hunters Don’t Run With the Herd

There are two diametrically opposed narratives out there regarding a Sarah Palin run for the Republican nomination. One is that she is a dumb bimbo who is paradoxically a brilliant businesswomen and doesn’t want to upset the gravy train. The … Continue reading

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Tonight’s GOP Debate Preview

It’s getting ugly out there. Debate is at 6pm Pacifico (9pm Boston Lager time)

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He hasn’t reached Bush level (yet)

Hot Air: Despite a three-month strategy to claim the moral high ground through class warfare, not-so-coincidentally occurring with labor-backed protests in most major cities, Barack Obama’s approval numbers have not changed much at all. The latest CBS survey shows his … Continue reading

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Wealth Part I

I wanted to do some deeper stuff on the concept of wealth and what it means. I figured the best place to start was at the beginning. Modern humans (homo sapiens) emerged in Africa about 200,000 years ago. By the … Continue reading

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