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Glass Jaw

Apparently, Newt Gingrich is already on the wane. Herman Cain suspended his campaign all of 10 days ago. The polls that came out in the middle of the next week, otherwise known as a week ago, put Gingrich in a … Continue reading

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The Klown Theory of Winning Super Bowls

Here’s my two-step theory of how to win Super Bowls: Step 1: Make the playoffs. Step 2: Win the last game. Every year 12 NFL teams make the playoffs. 11 of those teams will lose their last game. The playoff … Continue reading

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Time POTY – Mike Check

You can’t make this stuff up: Really? The most influential and newsworthy person of the year currently occupies space in urban downtown areas, unless you’re on the West Coast, where you can find them hanging out at the docks, blocking … Continue reading

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Nomentum is Mittmentum

I really don’t like obsessing over the latest polls but the one above illustrates Mitt Romney’s basic problem. While other candidates rise and fall, he’s stuck in the same place. The good news for Mitt – his base appears solid. … Continue reading

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