The Klown Theory of Winning Super Bowls

Here’s my two-step theory of how to win Super Bowls:

Step 1: Make the playoffs.

Step 2: Win the last game.

Every year 12 NFL teams make the playoffs. 11 of those teams will lose their last game. The playoff team that wins their last game wins the Super Bowl. Sometimes the best team wins, sometimes the lowest seed takes home the trophy instead.

But this post isn’t really about football.

I don’t know who will win the presidential election next year. But I do know this: The winner will be a Democrat or a Republican.

Barack Obama will be the Democratic candidate. If the election is a referendum on Obama’s first term, the Republican will win.

Lately we keep seeing lots of people on both sides saying things like “There is no way Soandso could beat Obama.” That is wrong.

Don’t forget – Bush won.


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10 Responses to The Klown Theory of Winning Super Bowls

  1. DeniseVB says:

    From the wayback machine :clinky:

  2. yttik says:

    “There is no way Soandso could beat Obama.”

    I plan to vote for Soandso. SoandSo 2012!!

  3. r u reddy says:

    I just posted a comment over at Digby’s request-for-money post on the Hullabaloo blog. It is a politely worded complaint over how I and others have been sneakily stealth-banned over there, as well as the stealth deletion of comments ever since Digby decided to make David Atkins her co-pilot. I can’t say it is well worth reading, but if anyone here wants to go right over there and read it, they can amuse themselves by seeing how fast it gets secretly erased.

    • Censorship is an ugly thing. Especially in a blog that supposed to be “progressive” oriented. What a joke.

      • r u reddy says:

        Well, here I am back at my normal and accustomed worksite computer, and I see no trace of my comment over there now. It was on the “donate money” post.

        Either it never printed, or she has removed it “just that fast.” I think it printed because when I made a “guest” comment from the library and then checked for it a day later on my workplace computers, it was there. Now, apparently Echo does have a stealth pre-censorship feature by which Echo makes it look like your comment has been entered at the computer from which you entered it, but it is actually held in a pre-penalty box for the blogger to pre-screen it first. The sneaky feature is that you the commenter would never know that and indeed I never did until someone explained it on a thread somewhere.
        Digby reveals herself to be a treacherous sneak with no honor or integrity whatsoever. She has transformed her blog into a Democratic Party apparatchik veal pen. Digby, not Atkins. Bringing Atkins over was just part of the degradation process.

        And banning per se is not the issue. The decietfuly treachery of doing it in secret is the issue. I assume if I get myself banned here I might first be warned and mocked. And if not, the clearly posted rules say that no warning or mocking or explanation is owed. Digby wants to maintain the appearance of an honestly run comments section without the reality.

        I will comment again over there from time to time on unbanned computers. But I will comment as “guest” so I can get my veal-pen unapproved comments in through the mail slot.

  4. r u reddy says:

    The less-scary the Republican nominee is to me, the more free I will feel to treat the election as a referendum on Obama. If I am the only one who thinks that way, then my opinion doesn’t matter the least bit.
    If millions of people feel that way, then their opinions might matter if those opinions guide their votes.
    Would a nominee Romney lose more disappointed Republican votes than the “Whee! It’s Referendum Time!” votes that a nominee Romney would delete from the Obama column? I don’t know. I hope political thinkers and strategerists are asking the question and doing
    the silently truth-seeking private polling to find out.

  5. djmm says:

    Nixon won twice, too. Sad thing is Nixon was to the left of President Obama.


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