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Published in 2005


Editors’ note: This posting contains multiple, serious factual errors that undermine its premise. Mitt Romney is not using “Keep America American,” which was once a KKK slogan, as a catchphrase in stump speeches, as the posting and headline stated. In a YouTube video that the posting said showed Romney using the phrase, Romney actually used a different phrase, “Keep America America.” Further, the video that the blog posting labelled “Mitt Romney 2012 Campaign Ad” is not actually a Romney campaign ad. The video itself states “Mitt Romney does not actually support this ad.” The posting cited accounts of Romney saying “keep America American” at an appearance last week. Independent video from the event shows him saying “Keep America America.” The Post should have contacted the Romney campaign for comment before publication. Finally, we apologize that the posting began by saying “[s]omeone didn’t do his research” when, in fact, we had not done ours.


Romney’s isn’t the first campaign mishap that came out of a borrowed slogan. While a candidate’s political slogan can be key to an effective campaign — as President Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan was — many politicians have shown by example how precarious slogans can be if you don’t do your research.


When former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich announced his presidential run earlier this year, he launched his official campaign Web site using the slogan “Win the future.” It was a phrase used in some variation or another 11 times by Obama in his State of the Union speech this year.

Uh, I don’t think Obama can claim dibs on that phrase. Newt used “Winning the Future” for the title of a book he wrote six years ago, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent it either.

BTW – I am having problems accessing the intertoobz this morning. It’s like I’m using an early 90’s dial-up modem and a Commodore 64 PC. I plan to talk more about the whole Romney/KKK fiasco when I get things straightened out.

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16 Responses to You missed one

  1. yttik says:

    That kind of stuff is slander, libel. It’s a lie designed to tear somebody down and profit off of selling dirty laundry that isn’t even real.

    Legally there has to be some way to hold the media accountable for “multiple serious factual errors” like this without stiffling free speech or taking away people’s right to express opinions.

    Never mind Newt and Romney. I’m thinking of what was done to Hillary, to Sarah. I’m thinking of the protections they gave to John Edwards and President Obama.

  2. guest says:

    Uh, I don’t think Obama can claim dibs on that phrase. Newt used “Winning the Future” for the title of a book he wrote six years ago, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent it either.

    This was talked about when Obama first unveiled his ‘What the Fuck’ (WTF) campaign slogan many months ago — his need to steal someoneelse’s lines.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Things are getting interesting. I remember Rocky Anderson……

    A new political party has entered the fray as an alternative to Democrats and Republicans ahead of the 2012 elections. On Monday, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson announced he will run for president with the newly formed Justice Party. Although hailing from a solidly red state, Anderson has been known as one of the most progressive mayors of any major U.S. city in recent years. During his two mayoral terms from 2000 to 2008, Anderson was an outspoken champion of LGBT rights, environmental sustainability, and the antiwar movement in opposition to the Iraq War. Vowing to fight the influence of money over politics, Anderson kicked off his campaign on Monday with a pledge to limit individual donations to $100 a person. Anderson and the Justice Party say they hope to build a grassroots movement heading into the November 2012 elections. “We launched the Justice Party because the entire system is so corrupt,” Anderson says. “It’s so diseased. We know that the public interest is not being served by anyone in the system right now, particularly the two dominant parties who have sustained this corrupt system and who are sustained by it.”

    • DeniseVB says:

      Meant to add, this will definitely take votes away from Obama. So is Sarah ready to go Independent Party yet ? 😉

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      And Anderson’s dirty laundry to air in 3…2…1…

      • OldCoastie says:

        eh, they will only bother with him if someone sees him as a threat…

        so far, he’s just a gadfly…

        (but I like Rocky)

        • DeniseVB says:

          Looks more qualified than most of the candidates, including Obama. Here’s the money quote:

          Formerly a member of the Democratic Party, Anderson expressed his disappointment with that Party in 2011,[16] stating “(t)he Constitution has been eviscerated while Democrats have stood by with nary a whimper. It is a gutless, unprincipled party, bought and paid for by the same interests that buy and pay for the Republican Party.”[17]

          more on wiki….

          I forgot he and Mittens were BFF’s during the 2002 Olympics 😀 A whole section on his controversies and his criticism of Obama. He could be the spoiler for BO ?

          Love the timing…..right at the Obamas vacay time.

  4. DandyTiger says:

    I recommend pouring drain-o through your intertubes. Worked wonders for me. Sometimes you can get a critter jammed up in there too. For that I recommend sticking an Obot at the end of a long wire and running him up and down through the tubes at least three times.

  5. 1539days says:

    Newt – Ahead of his time with a book about Winning the Future.

    Obama – behind the times using a phrase with the initials WTF when they mean something totally different 16 years later.

  6. DeniseVB says:

    A Newt Bad Lip Reading … LOL literally, best one yet, especially at the end.

  7. votermom says:

    Congrats on the grandkid!!!!

  8. Pips says:

    While a candidate’s political slogan can be key to an effective campaign — as President Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan was …

    Only ¡Sí, Se Puede! wasn’t “his” slogan. He stole that one too. Which you media btw somehow “forgot” to mention.

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