Joseph Cannon is full of shit

From the comments at Cannonfire:

You want to know about PUMA? Go to Hillaryis44, UppityWoman, John Smart’s place, crawdad hole, the best among others. We’ve stayed focused on working toward a country in which democracy is valued again, and towards Hillary not being cheated out of her win this time around.

I don’t think she is open to challenging Obama for the nomination, but I believe she is open to being drafted by such a write in campaign, and the party elders finally getting some sense and getting Obama to stand down, spend some quality time with his own beloved mirror.

PUMA power hasn’t gone anywhere. We’ll all here. We’re ready to go!
posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8:13 PM


Anon 8:13 — take it somewhere else. The sites you mention (except for Smart’s) are basically Republican ratfuck operations.


posted by Blogger Joseph : 8:37 PM

I’m guessing the people at Uppity’s will be shocked to discover they are Republican Ratfuckers, considering how close they are with John W. Smart. I know I’m shocked to discover my true identity since I’ve been registered as a Democrat since 1984 and cast exactly one protest vote for a Republican since then.

I used to consider Joseph Cannon a friend but lately he has become increasing erratic and bizarre. Earlier this year he advocated killing Tea Partiers and said this:

I would counsel people to talk to the tea partiers the same way one talks to someone wearing a swastika or Klan robes. Talk to the neo-Birchers, the Alex Jonesians, the Dominionists, and the CD-ers the same way you would talk to a Holocaust revisionist: Reluctantly, rarely, and always with a tone of sneering disgust.

This is the final straw. I am removing Cannonfire from our blogroll and I want nothing further to do with Joseph Cannon or his blog. But I am not going to engage in a blogwar or psychoanalyze him and declare that I know his “true” motives and beliefs.

I will continuing being who I am. Joe Cannon can kiss my ass.

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  1. Fredster says:

    Apparently he knows jack sh!t about Uppity’s place.

  2. lorac says:

    Ha myiq, that anonymous was me lol I suggested that since John passes the test, perhaps he should consult John, for the very reason we are cousin sites, but primarily because maybe he’s the type of dude who needs to hear it from a fellow dude to accept reality. He didn’t publish that comment, though lol He even made the comment that most PUMAs frequent his site, so he would have known about this movement if it is real ROFL (on both counts).

  3. lorac says:

    PS – make sure you are wearing that really scary Capt. Spaulding clown costume when he kisses your ass lol

  4. Uppity Woman says:

    I’ll go one better for ya. I never HAD him on my blogroll. Now here’s a Ratfucker: A ratfucker writes a post that says he is DONE with Hillary and then proceeds to skewer her. Now let’s see, which blogger did that again? Try finding any miserable sh!t llike that about her on my blog. I’ve thrown people OFF my blog for less when it comes to Hillary. What a Republican Ratfucker this guy must be!

    Now let’s talk judgment. Which blogger declared that Anthony Weiner never ever showed anybody his fugly crooked dick on Twitter and was (and this is EMPHATIC) a victim of a setup? An elaborate one, for which the blogger has allllllllllll the facts and details. Anthony didn’t do it! He didn’t do it I tell ya! And when it’s OBVIOUS that he DID do it, which blogger had too much arrogance and pride to actually admit what a fool he was, and then STILL tried to rationalize his stance? Now, he’s doing the same turd-stirring with the Hillary2012 Robo Calls. What a Republican Ratfucker!

    I guess by that blogger’s standards, if you can’t pretend a Democrat isn’t a pig, you must be a Republican. If you throw Hillary under the bus, then you must be a Democrat. If you start negative rumors about her, you’re a Democrat.

    Finally, what do you do when you are starving for some traffic, and need to sell your art? Why, you act like a child having a tantrum and attack other bloggers who never once harmed you, and then you deliberately start an infantile flame war, hoping that somebody actually gives a sh!t what you think.

    …..And so I ask you, where is the consistent credibility of analysis again? The guy has become a shark jumper.

    I see you dedicating a post to him — and that’s exactly what he wants. But alas, he did shoot first. However, his bullets are puny, so he won’t get the same out of me. In fact, I obfuscated his links in my comments just for fun.

    This reminds me of 2008 and the uninvited, unwarranted and despicable Obot attacks,. What’s next? Calling us racists? And exactly which two of your readers actually ever read him till now anyways? What inexcusable sh!t this all really is. Next he will come over here and accelerate his flame war. He won’t make it to my blog. He’ll be in the trash where he belongs. In 2008, my readers got enough PTSD from people like him to last a lifetime. They appreciate the protection from miserable insulting Hillary Turncoats like him looking for traffic.

    • myiq2xu says:

      That Weiner blew up in his face when after all the effort Joe put into “proving” it was a frame-up, Anthony went and confessed he did it.

      I’ve never understood the way people in the blogosphere expect 100% conformity. You can agree with them on almost every issue for years and then you disagree on one thing and suddenly you’re shunned as a heretic.

      I have RL friends I disagree with – we argue politics but we’re still friends.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Great rant. What a turd. I think you’re exactly right, this guy is desperate for traffic and is drumming up crap to try to start some traffic inducing war. Sad.

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      Spot on, all the way through. I was also thinking that myiq had fed a troll. I totally understand why, though, myiq!

  5. 1539days says:

    Cannon had a kind of Ron Paul appeal. Sometimes a crazy person appears to offer a new perspective because he says things that you don’t hear from anyone else. He seems to think the PUMA blogosphere begins and ends with RD and dakinikat. That’s only true if you support the machine, but just want to replace the Obama cog in it.

  6. That blog is not one that has ever been on my daily reading list- on the odd occasion I have read him, it was by way of a link left by a commenter I respect on one of the blogs I trust.
    The orollovers lost their collective minds- too much Kool-Aid will do that to you.
    Like you Myiq- I had been voting D since I could vote- away back in the stone age. Same one time R protest vote. That makes me a Republican ratfucker?
    Unfortunately, I am seeing more and more comments from people that have been very anti-O since 07 declaring that we MUST vote Obama- because RomGingBachSantPaulPerry……. ARE WORRRSSSEEEEE!
    I call BS! I do not HAVE TO vote for anybody. I would not vote for BO if Satan was running opposite him.

    Is this Cannon guy another one of the self proclaimed “creative class” elitists? You know the type? So much smarter than all of us regular old bitter clinger types?
    I have a remedy for those types. Try working a regular job for a month. One that requires you actually get away from you keyboard for 10 hours a day and do some labor.

    • AniEm says:

      Righteous rant. I feel like taking a cue from Pontius Pilate and washing my hands of the whole pathetic political scene. The bloated egoism and self-applauding behavior of political commentators is a huge part of the problem. Sounds as though J Cannon has joined that group.

      • Thanks! Being a tad older- and up until I wrecked my back- I worked 70 to 80 hours a week and did not even know what a “blog” was until late 07 early 08.
        I sure as hell knew how to research a candidate – and O was scratched off my list early on. Certainly did not need any self appointed “creative class” commenter telling me for whom I must vote.
        I read and watched and “listened” at many blogs before jumping in. Too many times I watched the blogs shrink to an exclusive clique of regular commenters.
        I believe that is called an “echo chamber?”

        • AniEm says:

          I’m impressed by your work ethic. I recently had an adult ed student complain because I was keeping her ‘busy’ during class. I’m conducting a JOBS training program. Perhaps she can be an OWS protester when she grows up. Oh wait! She is grown up!

          Meanwhile I watched the democrat party select as potus the guy with the aversion to work over the woman who could hit the ground running. Unforgivable.

        • AniEm- ROFLMAO! Too many have no clue what work ethic means. Went back to college late 30’s- took 18 credits a semester, volunteered in the community, raised my kids- etc etc etc. Never thought about it- just did what had to be done. What other choice? That was just how it was done- when life dealt you shit (admittedly because of prior bad choices) well- you get the pooper scooper and get to damn work!
          Your “student” perhaps needs a life skills course before a JOBS training class?

  7. Pips says:

    Can’t speak on behalf of other women, but as a woman, speaking for myself only, I thank you for removing that link.

    • Mary says:

      Agree completely!

      Thanks, myiq. I never read him anyway unless you or others I trust linked to him.

      2012 will be a cold water douche for Mr. Cannon and his ilk.

      Oh well.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Joe’s blaming Republican Ratfu*kers for the robocalls ? It’s so obvious there’s some OWS fingerprints all over this. Keywords: economic justice.

    • Lulu says:

      Agree with terminology as possible identifier and even the possibility of different groups within the party ganging up on Obama. People forget that Democrats as well as other groups run ratfucking operations all the time. Some are just better at it than others. Democrats claiming purity are extremely naive or disingenuous. I consider Obama’s entire 2007-2008 campaign a ratfucking operation against most Democratic candidates AND voters. This is also one of the reasons that the 2012 campaigns are going to be so sleazy as well as interesting because Obama set the bar for behavior so very low. There essentially are no rules or standards any more. I really could care less who is doing it as long as it humiliates Obama. And I am not a damn Republican.

  9. K.T. says:

    Although I read several blogs many times a day (including your’s and Joseph’s) I rarely post. I just posted at Cannonfire attesting to the fact that the Crawdad Hole is not a pro- Republican site. I think Joseph’s becoming unhinged.

  10. karen for Clinton says:

    Yeah, I have just pretended to support democrats and spent my money and time on their campaigns for decades. That’s why I go to these fake dem sites every day. On my deathbed I will reveal I was a closet republican. Cfire outtted us way too soon.

    *rolls eyes*

  11. elliesmom says:

    It’s been a long time since Riverdaughter’s blog was a PUMA site. If you don’t follow her down the path looking for the next shiny new thing, you’re not very welcome there, but she’s kind of funny when she goes” Claire McCaskill” and let’s her 13 year-old run her life. I read her blog for old time’s sake, but I don’t recognize the place from its PUMA days. I didn’t follow Dakinikat to her new blog because I’m not looking for online economics classes. I usually skipped her posts when she was at the Confluence. I had never gone to Joseph’s blog until the Weiner incident so I admit that my opinion of him might be skewed toward nutcase, but he hasn’t done anything since then to change my mind.

    I’ve always been a truly independent voter. While I vote for Democrats more often than not, my vote for Sarah Palin was not my first Republican vote, and I doubt it will be my last. If being ABO this time makes me a “Republican ratfucker”, then some years I’m a “Democratic ratfucker”. I’m not losing any sleep over it. It just means that I choose not to join the Borg.

  12. I was a Zombie Democrat from 1980 to the primary of 2008. I love being an independent, working-class liberal now. I am free at last!

  13. DandyTiger says:

    Who is this Cannon guy? Never heard of him. Sounds like a complete nutcase to me.

  14. myiq2xu says:

    Pat Johnson just reminded me of something.

    The first big splintering of PUMA took place in April 2009 when about half of the TC front-pagers left there over the issue of having Cannonfire on the blogroll. Some of them accused Cannon of being anti-Semitic.

    I was one of the people who defended Joe Cannon and stayed at TC.

    • crawdad says:

      No good deed goes unpunished.

    • 1539days says:

      Cannon kisses RD’s ass like it’s made out of candy. I think a lot of what kept TC together was disgust with Obama. Then one faction tried to counter it with European socialism, another with ersatz revolution. Then there’s another group that wants to actually wants to kick everyone out who sucks.

      Guess which group I’m in?

      • elliesmom says:

        I think I know which group you’re in, (TTBO) but there’s another group. That’s the group that knows that at the end of the ballot counting either Obama, or a Republican to be named later will be elected. They would prefer that Obama win the election over any one of the Republicans, but they want him to do it without their vote. It’s the “I want my cake and eat it, too” group. I want to rant about Obama and what has become of the Democratic Party, but I want a Democrat in the White House anyway.

  15. yttik says:

    I think what bothers me so much about the ratfucker accusation is that it’s designed to silence people, to make them watch what they say. People can’t express their feelings honestly without the need to post half a dozen disclaimers. You start walking on eggshells. You try to compensate for your opinions by stroking somebody’s ego. You don’t want people to think you’re a racist, a republican, a ratfucker.

    I don’t want to be a part of a party that polices thought, opinion, that bullies and silences people. That’s the kind of fascist attitude that kept me away from the right and Republicans for so long.

    • Mary says:

      Sad, isn’t it, that the good ole Democratic Party has been taken over by previously Republicans like Arianna and Kos, supported by “I wanna be in your in-crowd” Joseph Cannons.

      They’ve all been neutered—marching in step, enforcing the “new rules.”

      Unaware, of course, that they’ve even BEEN neutered.

      Sad, sad, sad.

    • elliesmom says:

      I always figure that if the worst they can come up is that I must be a Republican, they don’t have much, and the racism charge has lost its sting since 2008. I won’t be guilted into voting for an incompetent person to prove I’m not a racist.

  16. catarina says:

    “Joseph Cannon is full of shit”

    no kidding and can we get an Amen here?

  17. Lola-at-Large says:

    When his name came up yesterday I started remembering his role in the PUMA movement of 2008. You know he was never one of us, made that perfectly clear every chance he got. But he sure got into the details of many of our blogs and conversations. I started wondering if his accusations of “ratfucker” were a form of projection?

    Maybe he’s been ratfucking us the whole time. Quite a few people, especially women, have fallen back in line due to his criticism.

  18. Phoneybaloney says:

    I left a comment there to go on record that, yes, another Marylander got one of those robocalls. For some reason, it just didn’t seem appropriate to do so on TC, which makes me very sad as the site really was a refuge when we needed one.

    As for Cannonfire, I was surprised that he seems to have found Baltimore boring. It has great art, great sports, great restaurants, and one of the most prestigious universities in the country as well as a raft of others. Do I need to mention their annual celebration of Edgar Allan Poe?

  19. glennmcgahee says:

    She’s either yelling at someone like her mother, or a commenter or telling us about a remodel that had to be postponed due to unemployment or her latest IPad thingy.. As for Joe. He can go to hell. What a loser.

  20. WMCB says:

    JC has always been a bubble off plumb. And I say that as someone who has enjoyed his writing, and agreed with him 90% of the time.

    The republican ratfucker crap is becoming truly laughable. I mean, really. I’ve been online setting everyone up with my secret republican wiles since…um….my days at DailyKos in 2004? Seriously? That’s the best they got? My grand 8-year ratfucking master plan?


    • 1539days says:

      Kos is a secret Republican operation. I mean, the guy who started it worked for the Henry Hyde campaign. Why would he support Ned Lamont unless he wanted to make sure Joe Lieberman would get reelected?

      Seriously, it’s easier to accuse Kos of being a front than UW or Hillary is 44.

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