A Christmas Carol

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Ebeneezer and Tiny Tim.

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2 Responses to A Christmas Carol

  1. Monvel says:

    I always thought that the 1951 film stood out from the rest because it kept Scrooge’s estrangement from his nephew the focus of the story, which the others tend to give short shrift in favor of the Cratchetts. (Not that they aren’t important too, but Scrooge was clearly established as being too much of a heartless jerk to be moved just by seeing the plight of Bob’s family.) The scene when Scrooge hears, for the first time in his life, what Fan’s dying wish to him was, and we see his dawning realization that the whole course of his life was set by a horrible mistake, is what sets the stage for his change of heart over the rest of the film and makes it so poignant and believable.

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