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How’s that “Arab Spring” working out?

A Photo That Encapsulates the Horror of Egypt’s Crackdown The above photo shows Egyptian army soldiers beating a young woman in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Saturday, the second straight day of clashes with protesters that began on Friday and … Continue reading

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Why We Fight

This week, the Obama Administration declared the war in Iraq over. You can tell because they say so. The reality is that American military bases will be disbanded and troops will no longer be deployed. American money and contractors will … Continue reading

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“We need more; you have more”

Struggling to stay relevant: For months, they were the best of neighbors: the slapdash champions of economic equality, putting down stakes in an outdoor plaza, and the venerable Episcopal parish next door, whose munificence helped sustain the growing protest. But … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Open Thread

Tonight I’m watching “Horrible Bosses.” Tomorrow I will be rooting for Tom Terrific and the Patriots for the first time since the infamous “tuck-rule” game. What are you up to?

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Self-inflicted foot thrust

Gingrich ramps up objections to judicial branch’s power Newt Gingrich is giving fair warning to judges and courts across the country: If he becomes president, the judiciary won’t reign supreme. The former House Speaker and current Republican presidential front-runner convened … Continue reading

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Pigs flew

RCP: MSNBC Likens Romney To The KKK For Saying “Keep America American” MSNBC daytime anchor Thomas Roberts seizes on Mitt Romney’s use of the phrase “Keep America American.” The network claims the phrase plays homage to the Ku Klux Klan … Continue reading

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You missed one

WaPo: Editors’ note: This posting contains multiple, serious factual errors that undermine its premise. Mitt Romney is not using “Keep America American,” which was once a KKK slogan, as a catchphrase in stump speeches, as the posting and headline stated. … Continue reading

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Friday Night Open Thread

That’s Tywanna Jo Baskette. According to the label she performs “Southern Gothic Rock.” What are you doing tonight? I’m still waiting for Grandchild #4 (aka Grandson #3) to arrive. Yee-haw and jolly jolly ho ho merry happy to you. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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Oh what a tangled web we weave . . .

You might remember this story from HuffingPaint: Another Shocking Fact About the Walmart Heirs The Waltons currently own 49 percent of Walmart stock. That’s right. The six Waltons, heirs to Walmart founder Sam Walton, not only have a net worth … Continue reading

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GOP Master Debate 2011

The man in the back said everyone attack and it turned into a ball room blitz Tonight at 6pm Pacific (9pm Zuccotti) FOX is airing what is allegedly the final GOP debate of 2011. For that we can be truly … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning Pre-Trial Hearing Tomorrow

The Article 32 hearing tomorrow is the equivalent of a civilian preliminary hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to hold a trial. I’ll be shocked if the court rules there isn’t enough evidence. On the other hand I … Continue reading

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Martial Law in the USA, Gitmo-style

Maybe this belong on Tinfoil Tuesday, but I better post it now before my email addy gets submitted to the Obama campaign and I win all-expense vacay to sunny Gitmo. So, a year before 2012 elections, a few months after … Continue reading

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Cold and dark open thread

It’s cold and dark and I just barely woke up.

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Glass Jaw

Apparently, Newt Gingrich is already on the wane. Herman Cain suspended his campaign all of 10 days ago. The polls that came out in the middle of the next week, otherwise known as a week ago, put Gingrich in a … Continue reading

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The Klown Theory of Winning Super Bowls

Here’s my two-step theory of how to win Super Bowls: Step 1: Make the playoffs. Step 2: Win the last game. Every year 12 NFL teams make the playoffs. 11 of those teams will lose their last game. The playoff … Continue reading

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Time POTY – Mike Check

You can’t make this stuff up: Really? The most influential and newsworthy person of the year currently occupies space in urban downtown areas, unless you’re on the West Coast, where you can find them hanging out at the docks, blocking … Continue reading

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Nomentum is Mittmentum

I really don’t like obsessing over the latest polls but the one above illustrates Mitt Romney’s basic problem. While other candidates rise and fall, he’s stuck in the same place. The good news for Mitt – his base appears solid. … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s Greatest Hits

I imagine Tim Pawlenty is kicking himself for dropping out as early as he did. While he may have the inside track to be Romney’s running mate, he had a decent chance at the whole enchilada. Tim may have been … Continue reading

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A Captain Spaulding Christmas

This is an open thread

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Zombie Newt

Lucienne’s Idiot Son: “How do we stop Newt?” I’ve now been asked that question by a lot of conservatives. It’s not that I’m the go-to guy for that sort of question. Rather, one gets the sense that many “establishment” conservatives … Continue reading

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