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New Hampshire Primary Open Thread

Most of the polls are closed, the rest will be closing soon. Does it really matter who wins? The GOP establishment has made their pick, the rest is just a formality. In other news, the Oakland Raider’s new general manager, … Continue reading

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Occupy Idiocy

When the leader most prominent member of your group is wearing a rubber boot for a hat and calls himself “Vermin Supreme,” you don’t need to worry about the media making you look stupid. (Via Verum Serum)

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Occupy this guy

Glenzilla: The new WH Chief of Staff and Citigroup Yesterday, the White House announced Daley’s departure — he will now co-chair Obama’s re-election campaign, which basically means raising huge amounts of money from his Wall Street friends — and unveiled … Continue reading

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If you were thinking about starting a third party, now would be the time

Poll: Americans, 2-1, Fear Obama’s Reelection When it comes to how Americans view President Obama going into the new year, there appears to be very little spirit of Auld Lang Syne. Instead, according to the new Washington Whispers poll, many … Continue reading

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