Dirty Laundry

NBC News: Debate Crowd Booed Newt’s Ex-Wife Because They Were Sexist

Melissa Harris Perry:

“As a women whose been married, divorced and now re-married to the love of my life for a year and a half, I would like to say this…

…That cheer was not a question of marriage…

An ex-wife is the easiest thing to boo. A part of these was ‘Gender Politics’

The fact is when we look at the gender divide in the Republican and Democratic party. It’s not that women are so much likely to be Democrats… its that men are much more likely to be Republicans. There is a strong male dominance in the Republican party. And that cheer that you get is in part ‘How dare my ex-wife show up and have anything to say’ Part of what’s going on there is how “I’m going to demonstrate how I am a patriarch.”

Each one of them talk about how they are married and all their grandchildren…part of what they are saying is “I’m a good family man” but also what they are saying is “I am the great father” And don’t you want the “Great Father” of the country?

And the other piece of this is saying “We the guys here? We got this under control. We will be the great fathers”

Here’s the clip in question:

Watch the crowd in the background. You’ll see lots of women clapping and cheering. Yeah, I know, women can be sexists too (except when they do it they are still victims of The Patriarchy).

But this wasn’t about Marianne Gingrich’s right to be heard. She wasn’t at the debate last night. This was tabloid journalism and airing dirty laundry. This was the media playing “gotcha” two days before an election with information that has been around for years.

I spent several years working in family law. It’s like being an employee on the Jerry Springer Show. You get to participate in revealing people’s deepest, darkest secrets. Family court is (usually) the last place the participants in dysfunctional relationships get to fight with each other.

We already knew that Newt Gingrich cheated on Marianne with his current wife. He also cheated on his first wife with Marianne. Her recent statements shed no new light on that aspect of his character.

As for the patriarch thing, is being a good husband and father a bad thing? I’m not saying that Newt was either one, but do we really want to condemn those qualities? Is being a loving spouse and parent inconsistent with feminism and equality?

And let’s not forget how the progressive left distinguished itself on gender issues four years ago.

At least this time Melissa Harris Perry wasn’t calling Newt a racist.

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28 Responses to Dirty Laundry

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Probably the best American Idol moment ever !

  2. HELENK says:

    the serial cheating by Newt is old news, and since I was never married to him I do not care.
    To me his ex-wife made herself look vindictive. He should be “Mr Used to Be” in her life. He used to be a husband and was an idiot, Thank God you are rid of him, get on with your life.
    You knew when you married him, he was a used car, someone else’s lemon.

    The problem is the msm, and the gottcha attitude. It is so much easier to play gotcha, then really vet certain people who run for office.

  3. HELENK says:

    off topic
    this is heartbreaking. the loss of books that can never be replaced.
    The history gone


    • 1539days says:

      The Taliban blew up 2000 year old Buddhist statues in Afghanistan. Shortly thereafter, 9/11 happened. Sometimes your enemies send a clear signal.

  4. Three Wickets says:

    There’s all kinds of sexism in the progressive left. That’s become very clear over the past half dozen years. But the thing OFA and their surrogates really excel at is playing their wedge cards: the race card, the gay card, the baby seal card, and now after four years of Hillary and Palin bashing, they’re gonna ramp up the gender card. Melissa Harris Perry has always been slick though. She taught Joan Walsh everything she knows.

  5. Three Wickets says:

  6. mothy67 says:

    I have been doing research on local bars in the suburban Pittsburgh area(tough job– already had the place but we realized better to shut down and revamp than just continue as it was) so I have parked my sorry ass on plenty of stools over the last two weeks to watch what works. Tough job. Blue collar area where people go out to their local pub two or three nights a week for pool/dart leagues and karaoke. Decent people who work hard Mostly 30 plus crowd who appreciate a 2 dollar draft than a 7 dollar Stella Artois. Want to take a good vacation once a year and come home. No pretense. No affectation.
    Anyhow I have been doing a lot of listening and Santorum has no fans from what I can glean. Guy is really disliked amongst the blue collar crowd which is still in existence along the three rivers.
    I mention the name obama in a casual way and I get an earful. Really pissed off. 90% said they voted for Hillary and because they thought it was in their best interest they voted for the vacationeer. I have been to 15 blue collar bars in the last two weeks and it is the same story in each.
    I should add that the people who actually sat and engaged me are about 60/40 female.
    Last thing and then I will cease — Newt Gingrich(Harrisburg) and Ron Paul(Pittsburgh) are both born and raised for a significant amount of time in Pennsylvania. I did not know that. Kind of interesting PA is a major player in this years election and three of four of the final four have a history with the state.

  7. Three Wickets says:

  8. fif says:

    One interesting thing to witness with the ex-wife story is the pretzel logic of the social conservatives. I tuned into Limbaugh to hear him desperately rationalizing Newt’s behavior and deflecting the entire issue toward the gross bias and character assassination attempts of the mainstream media (which is undeniable, but not limited to GOP candidates, see Hillary Clinton). After the way Newt, Rush & Co. treated (and continue to treat) Bill Clinton, they are bald-faced hypocrites in their defense of Gingrich’s behavior. Partisan blindness is a disease on both sides. Either it’s fair game and a legitimate character issue or it’s not. Can’t have it both ways.

    • myiq2xu says:

      Meanwhile progressive use the behavior of the wingnuts as a guide – “They do it too!” or “Hypocrisy!”

      We, on the other hand, need to take principled stands on such things and stick to them.

      If we say it doesn’t matter then IT DOESN’T MATTER regardless of who does it.

  9. 1539days says:

    ABC overplayed their hand last night. They promoted “new” information about Newt, not necessarily about the marriage. The only new point was the claim about an “open” marriage. Even if that were true, considering that they were living apart for a number of years during the marriage, it’s not exactly out of the realm of possibility.

    Brian Ross out and out lied multiple times during the piece from what I understand. Newt’s first wife did not die and did not have cancer. They filed for divorce before she went into the hospital. Newt’s second wife does not have MS. She may contract MS some time in the future. Did Newt leave her because of that? I doubt it, because she cleaned out their house in 1987 and was about to file for divorce before they reconciled.

    Now ABC is back tracking. They say they are now willing to talk to Newt’s daughters and friends about this. It’s too late. Newt won, ABC lost. Nightline is becoming as credible as Jimmy Kimmel a half hour later.

    Whatever you think of Newt’s morality, it has not changed since yesterday. If you can’t vote for Newt because he went after Clinton, it’s a good thing he’s probably not going to get the nomination. Obama’s handlers have a lot more tricks in their bag.

  10. Rocky Hussein Squirrel says:

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