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Wednesday’s open thread

  I thought this was a cool graphic of delegate counts from the NYT. They also asked Sarah Palin her opinion last night on Michigan: “It does seem that his campaign is having a tough time sort of garnering that … Continue reading

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A declaration of war

From Anonymous: Declaration of War on the United States Government. To the Citizens of the United States and the United States Government. We are Anonymous. In the past few months, our collective has been organizing the operation known as Operation … Continue reading

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Safe Surfing Open Thread

Thanks to recs from our smart crayfishing regulars, I’ve started using ixquick  for searching and installed Do Not Track Plus (there is an autoplay vidoe at this link, mute your speaker before clicking)  to block site trackers.  I know Ghostery is … Continue reading

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Putin assassination plot, reports Russian State TV

Doesn’t this sound like the plot of a Ludlum novel? Putin Assassination Plot Details Uncovered – State TV Ukrainian and Russian security services have gathered information about a plot to assassinate Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is poised to … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again

Every year about this time I take a little break. It’s partly due to burn-out and partly due to a dearth of stuff to write about. OWS has flatlined and the GOP race has been talked to death. Obama isn’t … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Music

I am working on a post but it just doesn’t want to come together. This is an open thread.

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Oscars Eve Open Thread

Tomorrow is the biggest night in Hollywood. It’s the time of year the stars all get together and pretend they have class. Here are the nominees: Best Picture “The Artist” “The Descendants” “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” “Hugo” “Midnight in … Continue reading

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He always sucked

Column: The Sloppy Incumbent The once-invincible Obama campaign team has become mistake-prone The sound and fury of the Republican primary has distracted political observers from one of the most interesting political developments of the cycle thus far: President Obama’s reelection … Continue reading

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A week late and a few members short

Democrats hear from woman snubbed by GOP lawmakers Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke was given her chance to talk to Congress Thursday, even though lawmakers were on a break and just a few Democratic allies were there to cheer … Continue reading

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The last GOP debate in less than 60 seconds

Eyewitness reports say Newt won, Satanorum lost, Mitt was present and Paul was Paul. I really don’t care anymore. The next four years are going to be very unpleasant no matter who wins. Some Republicans are figuring out that the … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday Poll

In honor of his Most Catholic Candidate Saintorum and their Most Sanctimonious First Couple Obama, I present you with the Crawdad Hole Poll of the day:

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An honest politician stays bought

Obama to propose lowering corporate tax rate to 28 percent President Obama on Wednesday plans to propose a major overhaul of the nation’s corporate tax code, an election-year gambit that is likely to draw a contrast over a key policy … Continue reading

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I thought Beelzebub was a Democrat?

The Sludge Report: SANTORUM’S SATAN WARNING “Satan has his sights on the United States of America!” Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has declared. “Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity, and sensuality … Continue reading

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Death by Taser

Via Hot Air: FHP trooper cleared in use of Taser, which put woman in vegetative state One day last September, Danielle Maudsley, clad in handcuffs, bolted out the door of a Florida Highway Patrol substation after she had been arrested … Continue reading

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Zombie Lies

Byron York turns one smear into another: Despite a few positive touches, no one will be surprised to learn that “Game Change,” the movie, will present an overwhelmingly negative portrait of Palin. Roach — he also directed the one-sided, pro-Gore … Continue reading

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Most annoying commercial ever

This little piggy ad has got to be the most annoying commercial ever. It is the reason I will never buy GEICO insurance. The reason I bring it up is they made a sequel. What commercials do you hate? This … Continue reading

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Happy Presidents’ Day!

Today is the day we honor all those men (and hopefully someday women) who have held the toughest job in the world. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but they can’t all be winners, now can they? This is an … Continue reading

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Operation Detachment

On this day in 1945, the first of 70,000 Marines began landing on the beaches of a small volcanic island in the Pacific named Iwo Jima. The island was defended by approximately 22,000 Imperial soldiers of Japan. The Japanese could … Continue reading

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The GOP has a big closet

It doesn’t get any better than this: Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu has a reputation as a hard man– especially hard on immigrants. Some people have claimed he’s a sadist who takes delight in splitting up families and gratuitously … Continue reading

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Hillary vs. Obama

Over at Reclusive Leftist, Violet addresses The Question whether Hillary would have done anything differently than Obama: Hillary Clinton has never compromised on reproductive rights. In every situation, on every vote, in every speech, she has been firm about women’s … Continue reading

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