Are you smarter than a college professor?

Saturday evening pop quiz!

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has an online civics test. It is multiple guess and 33 questions long. The average score was 49%. College professors averaged 55%.

Take the test here.

My score:

You answered 31 out of 33 correctly — 93.94 %

This is an open thread

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39 Responses to Are you smarter than a college professor?

  1. myiq2xu says:

    The Walking Dead marathon is on AMC

  2. votermom says:

    Whitney Houston died. Sad. She was only 48.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    69.70% test score, and I’m a high school graduate 😀

    So sad about Whitney, best Super Bowl National anthem ever !

  4. 1539days says:

    I answered 28 out of 33 correctly — 84.85 %

    Two of those I should have known better on. I got tripped up on the wording.

  5. angienc says:

    My score:

    You answered 30 out of 33 correctly — 90.91 %

    I missed the Puritans question — damn them emphasizing the sinfulness of all humanity & not religious freedom– the Plato/Socrates question (although I dispute that one) and the “for the people, by the people” one (I went back & forth — I should have stuck with my gut!).

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      That’s what I got too. But that was a biased questionnaire, just based on the wording of some of the questions. So I go to the about page and see that it’s libertarianesque.

      • DandyTiger says:

        Yep, I noticed the bias in the questions too. Silly but fun.

      • angienc says:

        Well, except for the Plato/Socrates one (which I do thing was worded badly) I don’t have the bias excuse for the other 2 — I really did think Puritans wanted religious freedom & the “for the people by the people” one was just a brain fart (I admit, seeing just a phrase out of context, unless it is like “Four score and 20 years ago” or “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” can trip me up on whether it comes from the Gettysburg Address, Declaration of Independence, etc, although thankfully I got the other similar ones right). However, there was definitely bias on those economic questions at the end — I guess I’m a fiscal libertarian, because I aced all of those but even while I answered them I was thinking “these are kind of subjective.” 🙂

        • Lulu says:

          Puritans wanted a theocracy. My ancestors came over to Plymouth in 1635 as yeoman farmers to feed the Puritans and ran away to Virginia in 1640’s. And they took most of the cows with them because they had been relegated to being cowherds. They sold the cows in Boston then hotfooted it to Gloucester county Va. The Puritans tried to sue them but they couldn’t find them. The indignation in the court records that the appointed farm labor would leave them high and dry is palpable.

  6. votermom says:

    I had 4 questions wrong – the Lincoln debate, the Puritans, tax=spending, and the govt for the people (that last one I knew better)

  7. propertius says:


  8. HELENK says:

    this song is one of my favorites by Whitney Houston

  9. DandyTiger says:

    Oh poo: You answered 29 out of 33 correctly — 87.88 %

  10. Three Wickets says:

    You answered 30 out of 33 correctly — 90.91 %

  11. Lulu says:

    Does teaching government at night at a junior college in 1984 count?
    You answered 32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97 %

  12. Erin says:

    I got 33 out of 33 but some of those were educated guesses, not because I was sure of the answer. Not bad for an engineer on a quiz with no math in it.

  13. insanelysane says:

    81.82%… On the few I guessed at
    …I went with second guess. shouldn’t do that.

  14. HELENK says:

    this is one of the saddest statement on our current educational system that I have seen in a while. I really do not find it funny

    • myiq2xu says:

      There is a special kind of memory that allows people to recall trivia. It’s useful in passing tests and winning game shows. People who have the trait are assumed to be really smart.

      But it’s memory, not processing. It’s kinda like having Google in your head. But having Google doesn’t make you smarter.

  15. HELENK says:

    since this is an open thread

    backtrack just screwed the American people again. Pensions and 401K will be hit harder then the banks over latest mortgage deal

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