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Connecting Dots

So Sunday while I was surfing, I ran across this article at Little Green Footballs. Though I am aware of their work, I don’t normally read LGF, but I was drawn by the headline at Memorandum and clicked it. Here … Continue reading

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Occupy AIPAC?

Will You Occupy AIPAC? Dear friends, We are excited to announce that plans for OCCUPY AIPAC are under way and we hope you will join us March 2-6 in Washington DC. With the Occupy movement that has swept the country … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Whitney and the downside of freedom

As we all know, Whitney Houston died yesterday. The cause of her death is “undetermined” but it’s a safe bet that drugs played a role in shortening her life if not outright killing her. You can expect to be hearing … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Abe!

On this day in 1809 a young boy was born in a one-room log cabin in Kentucky. Raised in Indiana and with only one year of formal education, this self-educated man became one of our greatest presidents. We could use … Continue reading

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