Ash Wednesday Poll

In honor of his Most Catholic Candidate Saintorum and their Most Sanctimonious First Couple Obama, I present you with the Crawdad Hole Poll of the day:

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53 Responses to Ash Wednesday Poll

  1. votermom says:

    Did I leave out any vices?

  2. jjmtacoma says:

    funny! I don’t see all of the list from Airplane!

    I picked a bad day to give up sniffing glue…

  3. DeniseVB says:

    I didn’t see “politics” so I chose “despair” ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. HELENK says:

    this story may not be the most important story of the time, but it upset me.

    Eisenhower was a hero. He did what had to be done in a time of hell on earth

  5. I started to say I would give up lust and sex since I am 82, but nah, I gave up despair which would be true if you gave up lust and sex. Right?

  6. You can have my unbridled sarcasm when you pry it out of my cold dead bit. :p

  7. Lulu says:

    I’ll give up golf because the only time I ever tried to play I slammed the ball into three people and accidentally hit my husband with my club. I loved it! I still try to get invited but he says there may be an electrical storm or a bunch of monkeys escaped from the nearby zoo so it is too dangerous for me to play.

    • Karma says:

      Caddyshack rules are, storms improve your game.

      And why wouldn’t he want a clubber like you next to him with a bunch of dangerous monkeys running around? You’ve already proven your abilities.

  8. mothy67 says:

    I voted twice like a good democrat.

  9. elliesmom says:

    I gave up Lent 48 years ago.

  10. HELENK says:

    the owies plan a national convention in Philadelphia in July.

    Having lived and worked in Philly for most of my life, I would advise them that it gets hot as hell.
    Also Philly fans throw snowballs at Santa, and really do not put up with BS

    • myiq2xu says:

      He said any U.S. citizen or permanent resident older than 18 is eligible to become a delegate.

      The ultimate freeped poll.

    • Karma says:

      Why don’t they just vote for Ron Paul?

      Oh that’s right, he isn’t Obama. And heaven forbid Obama might be harmed by any OWS protest.

      We feel it’s appropriate to go back to what our founding fathers did and have another petition congress,” Pollok said in an interview with The Associated Press. “We feel that following the footsteps of our founding fathers is the right way to go.”

      The group’s website gives you an idea of what kind of grievance you can expect to see listed by the group. Among the working suggestions are the “elimination of the Corporate State,” as well as debt reduction, a fair tax code, an end to wars and health care for all.

    • mothy67 says:

      I am not sure if it was you who mentioned commuting from Philly to NYC for work the other day but if it was I salute you. I spent almost a year commuting to Hunter College from Philly and participating in some after school theater stuff for kids . Drama in education. I was 25 and took septa and then New Jersey transit to NYC four days a week I then worked two jobs– one at South Street Souvlaki and the other at The Hotel atop the Bellview. i’d get up and catch a train at 6am and get back to Philly at about 12/1230. id go into McGlintchy’s or Dirty Franks and have cheap beer for an hour and a half then crash and get up again the next day and do it all again.
      Thank you for reminding me. I forget sometimes what it is I can do and where i have been.

      • HELENK says:

        when congress said Conrail had to get out of passenger business, I did not have enough seniority to hold a job with Conrail and at that time Amtrak. I went to work for New Jersey Transit.
        At first I worked in Newark NJ and then in Penn Station NY and then Hoboken NJ and then back to Conrail and then got furloughed and got a job with Amtrak.
        When the office first moved to Hoboken there was only me and one other person qualified. He worked 8am to 8pm and I worked 8pm to 8am 7days a week for 3 months. this was while traveling 3 1/2 hrs to and from work.

        funny what we can do when we have to isn’t it. I traveled for almost 3 1/2 years before I got called back to Conrail and was able to work in Philly.

    • votermom says:

      If they think Mayor Nutter will be a pushover if they start trashing Philly, they are in for a surprise.

  11. catarina says:

    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell:

    โ€œMandating an invasive procedure in order to give informed consent is not a proper role for the state,โ€™โ€™ he said. โ€œNo person should be directed to undergo an invasive procedure by the state, without their consent, as a precondition to another medical procedure.โ€

    My email convinced him.

  12. HELENK says:

    go clean your room and your attic

    no wonder my son got angry with me when I would make him clean his room and throw out so many of his treasures

  13. HELENK says:

    for all that live in CA,,read this about your property tax

  14. HELENK says:

    I am not sure if the employees have to have their own fire insurance

  15. DeniseVB says:

    From Redstate, and defintiely a Pro-life channel in bloggy world, I see my old friend, Snark and Boobs, now using her real name ๐Ÿ˜€ Her post is something to resonate with us all….


  16. DeniseVB says:

    Vodkapundit, he’s watching the GOP CNN debate so you don’t have to…..

    …always a fun read-a-long ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. myiq2xu says:

    Apparently I fell asleep and missed the last GOP debate.

    Those new pills I took work really well.

  18. T says:

    I gave up “progressives”….wasn’t much of a sacrifice.

  19. DandyTiger says:

    The debate was a snoozer. Romney looked and sounded like a complete moron. Didn’t do nearly as well as he did in Florida. Santorum handled himself well, but not as good as in Florida either. Funnily enough, Newt did the best I thought.

    But of course the well rehearsed and scripted CNN group to tell you what you just heard were ready, no matter what really happened in the debate, to tell you now great Romney was and how Santorum fell on his face. I’d say Santorum actually did better than Romney. But both were drab.

    The funniest part was the oh so obvious paid cheerleading group for Romney. They booed Santorum no matter what he said and cheered way over the top too much with whatever Romney said. It was rather embarrassing. They even booed Santorum once for saying the same thing Romney did. And cheered Romney several times when he said the same thing either Santorum did or Newt did. I don’t think he paid them enough to act their part better.

    Perhaps it doesn’t matter. What matters is what the talking head pundits say who do what their told by TPTB. We’ll see how Michigan goes next week. I think it will be make or break for Romney. If he loses his home state, he’s done. If he wins, then he’ll probably take it the rest of the way, limping across the line.


    • Karma says:

      Thanks for the write up. It makes it more interesting to read the real version via you instead of puff pieces.

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