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A declaration of war

From Anonymous: Declaration of War on the United States Government. To the Citizens of the United States and the United States Government. We are Anonymous. In the past few months, our collective has been organizing the operation known as Operation … Continue reading

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Safe Surfing Open Thread

Thanks to recs from our smart crayfishing regulars, I’ve started using ixquick  for searching and installed Do Not Track Plus (there is an autoplay vidoe at this link, mute your speaker before clicking)  to block site trackers.  I know Ghostery is … Continue reading

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Putin assassination plot, reports Russian State TV

Doesn’t this sound like the plot of a Ludlum novel? Putin Assassination Plot Details Uncovered – State TV Ukrainian and Russian security services have gathered information about a plot to assassinate Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is poised to … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again

Every year about this time I take a little break. It’s partly due to burn-out and partly due to a dearth of stuff to write about. OWS has flatlined and the GOP race has been talked to death. Obama isn’t … Continue reading

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