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Ronald Reagan Was a Man Whore

According to what I’ve been reading the past few days any woman who has sex outside of marriage is a promiscuous slut. So what’s that make Reagan? He remains our only divorced president, but even worse when he was 38 … Continue reading

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I wanna go back to the future

I’m starting to feel like Marty McFly. I don’t have a nuclear-power DeLorean but I seemed to have entered a bizarre time warp into the past. How else do you explain comments like the ones in this thread at Legal … Continue reading

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Breitbart’s last post published: Barack’s Love Song to Alinsky

Breitbart.com published the last column Andrew Breitbart drafted as the opening of a new blog series called The Vetting (of Obama) intened to run from now until the General Election. THE VETTING, PART I: BARACK’S LOVE SONG TO ALINSKY In … Continue reading

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