Occupy Spring!

I kid thee not. Via Corrente, they’re back:

Weekly Marches on Wall Street Start Today! 2PM LIBERTY SQUARE

On Friday, March 16, 2012, at 2PM, Occupy Wall Street will converge in the streets once again and launch the first in a series of spring training marches from Liberty Square to Wall Street in preparation for May Day, a day of massive economic non-compliance and strike. These marches will occur weekly and will allow occupiers to practice various street tactics and theatrics. For the first march, participants are encouraged to wear athletic gear, don their game face, and prepare to make the 1% feel the burn!

Organizers say besides growing comfortable employing various tactics with each other in actions, the intention of these marches are to strengthen the community to make upcoming campaigns and efforts, like reoccupation, as successful as possible.

After organizing, training, learning, growing, and working together for the winter months, Occupy is returning back to the basics as done in September: accessible direct actions to strengthen our community and voice our grievances to the 1%. Crimes by Wall Street brought us here and the 99% will continue to drive the message home and make civil unrest tangible.

This time they have a plan:

1. Occupy public spaces

2. ???

3. Victory!


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15 Responses to Occupy Spring!

  1. crawdad says:

    We should all get together and go to an Occupation.

    Then we could all chant “Get a job you smelly hippies!”

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I wonder whatever happened to the Florida mommy who left her family ?

    • DeniseVB says:

      Ok, I did a news search, the last item was from a UK news site, she was arrested for blocking something she wasn’t supposed to, and after several warnings, yada, yada, yada. That was from Nov 2011, and nothing since.

  3. Lulu says:

    Spring break!

  4. votermom says:

    Oh good lord. My eyes just about rolled out of their sockets and out the door.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    OT: Will I (we) get repaid too?


    It’s only a $50 donation, I won’t even go Allred on him and ask for the 4 days working for him for free at YK07, including air/hotel.

    In comparison, I think what he did is far worse than Blago. He lied to everyone and using our donations for nookie. /rant

    • leslie says:

      Me too, Denise – gas, hotel, meals and a week’s vacation donated. Not to mention the monetary contributions. I think the biggest problem in all this is the humiliation I feel everytime I acknowledge to someone that I was actually so stupid that I supported him at all.

      BUT when he publicly turned misogynist toward Hillary – With TehOne -I called his headquarters and demanded my money back. (of course they didn’t return it), but I made my feelings known to him and his campaign about his being a brutal pig toward a woman candidate and thereby EVERY woman. Little did I know just what a pig he was.

  6. Oswald says:

    Calif. church regrets pig rodeo, BBQ at retreat

    A Santa Barbara church says it regrets allowing members of its high school ministry to chase greased pigs while wearing body paint during a recent weekend retreat.


    Executive pastor Gerald Torres says during the weekend, the boys greased up two pigs and chased them in a “rodeo-style” event and then ate the animals at a luau barbecue.

    Many of the boys dressed up and wore paint on their faces and bodies for the chase.

    Torres says licensed hunters slaughtered the pigs and showed the teens how to butcher them and use all parts of the animal for food.

    The children were traumatized to learn where bacon comes from.

  7. Oswald says:

    This will bring BofA to its knees:

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