Draw your own conclusions

Here is some police surveillance video from Sanford Police Department.

LA Times:

Trayvon Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, not bloody in video

Officers marched a handcuffed George Zimmerman into Sanford, Fla., police headquarters the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, and video from security cameras picked up no obvious sign of injury to the neighborhood watch volunteer.


Police say Zimmerman told them he shot Martin on Feb. 26 in self-defense after the 6-foot high school junior punched him, got on top of him and began banging his head into a sidewalk.


According to the Sanford police report on the night of the shooting, Zimmerman was bleeding from his nose and the back of his head when officers arrived at the scene. But the video, provided to ABC News by the city of Sanford, shows no obvious sign of blood or injury.

Paramedics treated him at the scene and he told them he did not need to go to a hospital, police reported.

The video shows a somber Zimmerman, hands cuffed behind his back, stepping from a patrol car, surrounded by several officers, walking through a door, entering a room and walking away.

I’m not going to rush to judgment here, but I’m sure some people will. The police report says he was bleeding from the nose and back of his head. It does not describe how serious the injuries were. It also says he received first aid from paramedics but declined hospital attention.

Once his injuries stopped bleeding and were cleaned up, there might not be much to see even under the best of conditions. This is grainy surveillance footage. Sadly, the best opportunity to view the back of his head is obscured by the ABC logo.

I don’t see any blood or injuries in this video, but I don’t think it proves that no injuries existed. If there were no injuries it begs the question – why would the original police report say Zimmerman was injured and bleeding? Why would the cops tell such an obvious lie?


Here’s some news footage from the night and day after the shooting:

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    Here’s an interview with the “inconsistent” witness:

  2. yttik says:

    For goodness sakes, if he was treated by paramedics at the scene and declined a trip to the hospital, then that means he had an injury of some kind!

    Naturally I have no idea how he got his injury, but the media is just being downright irresponsible by trying to fan the fires.

  3. myiq2xu says:

    New Police Video Shows George Zimmerman Unscathed On Night Of Trayvon Martin Shooting

    ABC News has obtained exclusive video of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman on the night he shot the Florida teenager, speaking to police. While there is no audio, the video is key evidence, particularly to a public without access to police records other than what has been revealed, because Zimmerman appears healthy and unscathed, when a police report surfacing (and his attorney) claimed Martin had injured Zimmerman’s nose and skull.

    I’m sure the police decided to make up some injuries that didn’t exist and even drag in a paramedic to help support the lie.

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      The video is key evidence, alright. It’s evidence the media has been ginning this up from the beginning. The man in the film bears little resemblance to the big guy shown in old photos throughout this ordeal.

      Funny that, considering Trayvon Martin also bore little resemblance to the sweet-faced little kid in the old photos they’ve been showing throughout this ordeal.

    • jeffhas says:

      You said in an earlier thread that you know TL is in trouble when Jeralyn is the voice of reason…. HOLY COW – ain’t that the truth!?

      I gotta say, if I was ever accused of a crime, I’d be glad to have her on defense – because even against the onslaught of outrage (not to mention torches and pitchforks) – FROM BTD NO LESS – she reminds her commenters of ‘presumed innocence’ and all that ‘Constitutional Law Sh*t’.

      The Upside Down World returns….

  4. gram cracker says:

    The Daily Caller has posted a still from the ABD video that shows a dark streak on the back of Zimmerman’s head that could be the injury. Reminds me of the look of a rug burn. If it isn’t the injury then what is it?

    Why is ABC deciding for their viewers what they are seeing? Why put their credibility on the line by pushing their conclusion? Like you said, draw your own conclusions. If this goes to trial surely the police and EMT’s who cleaned his wounds will testify as to his condition and demeanor.


  5. HELENK says:

    there has been another shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Pasadena. The police got a 911 call saying the caller had been robbed by two teenagers with guns.
    The teenagers started running in different directions when the cops arrived. One reached for something at his waist. The cop thought he was reaching for a gun an shot him.
    The 911 caller has been arrested after admitting he lied about the teenagers having guns.
    Already it is turning into a trayvor martin situation with a lawyer and the family saying there was no robbery and the kid was shot for being black at night.
    It is going to be a long and ugly summer

  6. HELENK says:

    after the family got a lawyer spike lee finally gave a half-assed apology.


    • votermom says:

      I don’t know what use an apology is on twitter. Something goes out on twitter it can get retweeted and repeated without context to people who now have an address they think belongs to the Florida’s Most Evil Racist and who don’t follow Spike Lee and won’t see his apology.
      Those homeowners should sue Spike Lee for everything he’s got.

  7. lorac says:

    I think there should be a law against giving out someone’s address with the idea being harassment or violence. There should also be a law against giving out the WRONG address for the same reason. Victims of someone like Spike Lee shouldn’t have to use the civil justice system – there should be a ready law so the police/DA would do the legwork within the CRIMINAL justice system.

    myiq – are there laws like that? Inciting violence…? Something?

    • myiq2xu says:

      I don’t know about Florida but California has laws about disclosing the identity or address of certain people (like witnesses), but the laws only apply to people like government employees.

      Pretty much anything a private person can find on the internet is fair game.

  8. Lulu says:

    This disproves the theme that the cops just let him walk without questioning. One of the things I see online is basic misunderstanding of terms such as “take into custody” and “arrest”. Zimmerman was taken in, questioned then released. As for no obvious blood on his person, the cops called paramedics because there was a shooting victim and an injured perp. The medics determined that Martin was dead and cleaned up Zimmerman who allegedly had his injuries looked at by medical personnel the following day.

    The theme that some media has taken makes it seem that Zimmerman just drove home from the shooting. He did not. The police held him until the DA’s office told them physical evidence, witness statements, and Zimmerman’s story more or less added up and no case so release him. This does not mean the cops stopped investigating, or with additional evidence they would not charge Zimmerman. We still have due process (unless charged with terrorism) whether the politically correct arbiters like it or not. If, IF, evidence shows Zimmerman violated Florida law he should be arrested, charged and tried. The media has already violated HIS civil rights and I am not sure he can receive a fair trial. In pursuing one person’s civil rights they are violating the rights of another. The press should be ashamed.

    • myiq2xu says:

      The legal term is “restrained detention.” A detention is temporary in nature and takes place when the cops interfere with a person’s freedom of movement. The standard is that the officer has to have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed and the person being detained is involved.

      For safety purposes the cops can handcuff and/or search a detainee for weapons.

      The topic of detention, restrained detention and pat-downs for weapons takes up several weeks of criminal procedure class in law school. Cops spend a lot of time on those topics in the academy too.

      There are encounters, detentions and arrests. There are pat-downs, searches and inventories. There are persons and suspects. The definitions of each, as well as what the police and the persons/suspects can and can’t do at each stage is a huge body of law.

      • myiq2xu says:

        BTW – Being transported to the police station in handcuffs and then questioned does not necessarily mean a “custodial interrogation” is taking place. If it is a custodial interrogation then the police MUST read the person his/her Miranda rights.

        Miranda/Escobedo is another big chunk of crim law/proc

    • myiq2xu says:

      The police held him until the DA’s office told them physical evidence, witness statements, and Zimmerman’s story more or less added up and no case so release him.

      According to one story the cops called someone from the DA’s office on the night of the incident and told them what they had and asked if they should arrest and book him but the DA (or his deputy) said to cut Zimmerman loose and keep investigating.

    • WMCB says:

      This does not mean the cops stopped investigating, or with additional evidence they would not charge Zimmerman.

      Exactly! And no, I do not blame the parents for wanting some pressure of public opinion put on the dept to more thoroughly investigate the shooting, if they felt (whether true or not) that the dept was dragging its feet.

      But this has gone so far beyond that it’s ridiculous. There is a big difference between “Find out if the shooting was really self-defense or unnecessary” and “He deliberately hunted him down in cold racist blood like a dog in the street.”

  9. myiq2xu says:

    I am amazed at the number of people who think this video proves that Zimmerman was uninjured.

    If so, then several cops and at least one paramedic are lying. And what about the witness who saw Trayvon on top of Z, beating him?

  10. DandyTiger says:

    It’s a grainy video, so you can’t see whether there are cleaned up wounds or no wounds. From what I can see, he could easily have sustained the injuries described and been cleaned up as described. I see nothing inconsistent with what we’ve heard.

    In order for him to have no injuries would require a conspiracy of a number of cops, witnesses, and emergency health care professionals. So it seems obvious that what we’re seeing is a person who’s injuries have been cleaned up.

    And as mentioned, there are likely police photos showing the injuries. But if they didn’t take those, there is the testimony of all those professionals. And on top of that I’m sure medical testimony even at this late date could easily uncover signs of those injuries.

    We still don’t know what happened. We have a lot of corroboration of Zimmerman’s side of the story. We have new rumors that the lead investigator now off the case didn’t buy his story, and we have one witness that has a different story. So far the Zimmerman side of the story looks much more credible. But we don’t know. Let me repeat, we don’t know. So what the hell is the deal with the media and all these leaders taking a stand on one side of the story? Sadly the only likely explanation is for ratings grandstanding. Now that’s frick’ing sad. And clearly they don’t give a crap about the Martin family in the end.

    • WMCB says:

      Because the media and the race-hustlers are doing their best to force and shove the public into one “camp” or the other: Either the “he’s a cold-blooded racist murderer” or “he absolutely did nothing wrong at all, and the shooting was entirely justified and necessary”. If you disbelieve the former, then you MUST by default be in the second camp! Or vice versa.

      And they are getting really pissy at those of us who recognize that the truth is not necessarily either of those options. It’s the same old bullshit: “PICK A SIDE, DAMMIT!!!!”

      • DandyTiger says:

        Buy an Obama re-election hoodie to show which side you’re on. No kidding, they actually used the “show which side you’re on” phrase.

  11. foxyladi14 says:

    a sad time for all concerned.

  12. Minerva says:

    There’s a much longer video (over 6 minutes) out there. I know you can find it on youtube but I don’t have a link readily available.

  13. Minerva says:

    Also, there is a timestamp on the other video — 19:52

    • zaladonis says:

      People keep saying there are no visible signs of injury to the back of Zimmerman’s head but at 1:23 in that youtube I see the officer at Zimmerman’s left move to look at the back of Zimmerman’s head, and then moves over for a closer inspection. No way to tell for sure what he’s looking at but he could be checking a wound that had been bleeding earlier.

    • zaladonis says:

      Sorry, my time was off – its around 1:30 in this youtube.

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