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President Fanny-Pat schmoozes the sweeties

Obama, Comedian-in-Chief, Woos Women Supporters While the Obama administration sought to convince women today that it is fighting for gender equality, it was hard to miss some of the awkward laughs President Obama’s one-liners brought from the mostly-female crowd gathered … Continue reading

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Mask on, mask off

David Brooks: That Other Obama President Obama is an intelligent, judicious man who can see all sides of an issue. But every once in a while he tries to get politically cute, and he puts on his Keith Olbermann mask. … Continue reading

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The question is why?

Gallup: Blacks, Nonblacks Hold Sharply Different Views of Martin Case Blacks more likely to believe race is a major factor Black Americans’ views differ dramatically from those of nonblacks regarding the circumstances involved in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin … Continue reading

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If you are Jewish, today is the day you celebrate when the Angel of Death went on a killing spree in Egypt. If you are a Christian, today is the day you mourn the death of Jeebus by boiling eggs … Continue reading

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