President Fanny-Pat schmoozes the sweeties

Obama, Comedian-in-Chief, Woos Women Supporters

While the Obama administration sought to convince women today that it is fighting for gender equality, it was hard to miss some of the awkward laughs President Obama’s one-liners brought from the mostly-female crowd gathered at the White House Forum on Women and the Economy.

“I was going to head over here earlier and they said, no, no, this place is full of women and they’re still settling down,” the president said. “What do you mean, settling down? What are they doing over there? Just creating havoc.”

Get it? Because women take a long time to get ready.

“It is a pleasure to be surrounded by so many talented, accomplished women,” the president continued. “It makes me feel right at home. Although usually, I’ve got my wingman Bo with me.”

Because guys need wingmen when they’re around women?


The president ticked off other areas where his administration has made strides to help women succeed, including health care and education. One thing he is still working on, however, is the cost of women’s dry cleaning.

“We don’t know — we haven’t gotten on the dry cleaning thing yet, though,” he said chuckling. “That’s still frustrating, I’m sure.”

Among other things, yes.

It’s embarrassing to watch and I’m a guy. The worst part is he’s completely clueless.

Here’s the transcript.

(h/t Denise VB and imusthavepie)

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44 Responses to President Fanny-Pat schmoozes the sweeties

  1. cjwk says:

    Perhaps the ‘sweeties’ should read the linked article about BO’s consistent schmoozing of the sharia-law-enforcing/misogynistic Muslim Brotherhood. BO also just did an end run around Congress to give Egypt, now essentially under Brotherhood control, $1.5 billion of American taxpayers’ dollars, essentially throwing women as well as Israel under the bus.

    Also, there’s this from Smart Girl Politics.

    BO, Pelosi, Fluke, et all, don’t speak for women.

    “Smart Girl Politics Action launches “They Don’t Speak for Us” asking women to put the conversation back on real issues important to women. Women are forced everyday to make sacrifices and its time that we put pressure on Congress and this Administration to stop playing games and get back to work.”

  2. cjwk says:

    Please consider signing petition, then passing along to contacts. Thanks. “We deserve a better choice: It is Governor Palin.”

  3. WMCB says:

    The twitter feed on the hashtag the WH made for the event was hilarious.

    #WomenEconForum was chock full of women asking why he did not want to actually talk about the economy, instead of just about birth control and the evil scary republicans. He also got reamed because NO conservative women were even invited – but this was supposedly a serious forum, not a Democratic campaign event.

    Regardless of what positions one agrees or disagrees with, 23% of women in this country self-identify as liberal, and 37% self-identify as conservative, with the rest weighing in as moderates. It is simply not possible to hold a genuine WH event for women while deliberately excluding well over a third of the women in the country.

    Even from the perspective of a liberal woman, it was the same old same old pandering BS and hot-button scare tactics, ending with obedient chants of “4 more years!”. He’s such a fucking tool.

    • DeniseVB says:

      He’s also a liar. Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms. From the transcript:

      When people say we should get rid of Planned Parenthood, they’re not just talking about restricting a woman’s ability to make her own health decision; they’re talking about denying, as a practical matter, the preventive care, like mammograms, that millions of women rely on.

  4. elliesmom says:

    USA is airing “To Kill a Mockingbird” with an “introduction from Barack Obama”. Why are they ruining a wonderful movie?

    • Lulu says:

      He relates to Dill Harris.

    • myiq2xu says:

      I remember the first time I read the book. I was a junior in high school and it was one of those pieces of literature my English teacher forced us to read. Betty Jean Hunt – she was the first teacher that cut me ZERO slack.

      We had about 2-3 weeks to read it. I had never seen the movie. I started reading it about a week after it was assigned and stayed up half the night and finished it in one sitting. It’s that kind of book.

      Didja know that was Harper Lee’s only published work?

      • Lola-at-Large says:

        If you have Netflix, I highly recommend the Documentary “Hey, Boo” about Lee, the book, and the making of the movie. After I finished I had a rush of energy like I did when I finished the book. It was truly one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen, and I watch A LOT of documentaries.

      • Lulu says:

        My uncle gave me a beat up paperback of To Kill a Mockingbird the summer after I finished 6th grade because I was plowing though everything I could get my hands on. My great uncle was letting me read Louis L’Amour, Mickey Spillane, and a bunch of pulp fiction I did not quite understand as twelve year old Southern Baptist girl. I read this book two or three times consecutively and had large passages memorized. I lived in a segregated town and my mother was the secretary for the district judge. My father had been severely criticized for hiring the first black employees for the company he ran for a very wealthy family and he would not fire them. This book made me understand the world that was around me, how wrong things were, and how it was affecting my parents.

      • elliesmom says:

        It was the first book my son ever finished. I wish she had written more.

      • Uppity Woman says:

        myiq, if I had been your English teacher, it would have made TWO who didn’t cut you slack.

        I taught Mockingbird to 10th graders, it was embedded in the curriculum. The students always liked it.

        Mockingbird turned 50 in 2010, and being a teacher in my former lifetime, I couldn’t resist recognizing the anniversary. Lee was a very private person and nobody could get an interview with her all those years. Her last real interview was 1964. She did no public speeches or appearances. .Bush gave her the Medal Of Honor when he was in office, so she did show up for that. I did a post on Mockingbird’s 50th in 2010, if you are interested. It has her photo with Bush. Hey, at least he gave her the medal. You think Obama would bother?

        She’d be 86 now. Culte old girl.

        • Uppity Woman says:

          By the way, Lee was so flustered over writing that book, she once threw her drafts out the window.

        • myiq2xu says:

          BJ Hunt was a mean old bitch.

          I probably learned more from her than any other teacher.

          She was about 900 years old. I think she knew Hawthorne and Melville personally.

          She made us read Mockingbird, Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, Huck Finn, Asher Lev and I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. All in two semesters.

          Then she made us write reports and take essay tests too!

        • Pips says:

          One of those rare instances (another example that comes to mind is Annie Proulx’s short story ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and the movie based on that story) when novel and movie-adaptation are equally great and can be enjoyed – even to this day! – independantly of each other.

          Not only did Harper Lee write an amazing novel – she’s adorable too! Thanks for the picture in your post Uppity. 🙂

    • threewickets says:

      Because it’s a moving and teachable story about racism, and USA Network is owned NBC which is Obama’s campaign platform.

  5. Lola-at-Large says:

    Perfect. This will be on topic. 🙂 Part PUMA history, part propaganda, part ruminations in my head for the last week, at just over 2,000 words it’s a behemoth, but it finally came together for me today. It just came out.

    • WMCB says:

      I thought so too! I take issue with some of them, but I do like the fact that the snark was at least bi-partisan. 😀

  6. threewickets says:

    Half the Prog droppings on my FB feed are about the Republican “War on Women”. OFA is going all-in on women pulling Obama across the finish line.

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      You ought to reply with the P&L article on how women leveraged their power. That ought to drive them certifiably nuts.

  7. HELENK says:

    I am waiting for the headlines


    he just gave Egypt $1.5 billion dollars after a visit from the muslim brotherhood to the white house.
    I will not hold my breath waiting

  8. Pips says:

    Didn’t read the transcript to the end – his words annoyes me, no matter whether I’m listening or reading – but isn’t it cute(!) how he opens up for MIL jokes:

    Women are over half this country and its workforce — not to mention 80 percent of my household, if you count my mother-in-law. (Laughter.) And I always count my mother-in-law. (Laughter.)

    Then there’s this – and no, it’s not Hillary Clinton he’s referring to:

    … she was smart and tough and disciplined, and she worked hard […] and I’m convinced she would have been the best president […] ever if she had gotten the chance. But at some point she hit the glass ceiling, and for a big chunk of her career, she watched other men that she had trained — younger men that she had trained — pass her up that ladder.


    • DeniseVB says:

      I’m guessing Michelle ? She who refused to work the grunt hours that new attorneys were expected to? She who gave up her law license for unknown reasons? She who had a specially created 300k/yr job when her husband was elected to the U.S. Senate and the position wasn’t filled when she left? Am I close? Definitely NOT Hillary 😀

  9. Pips says:

    As for Obama’s – allegded – plans to create jobs for women, remember how he focused on ‘construction workers’? Not really overwhelmingly a female workforce.

  10. DeniseVB says:

    Watch your back Nikki …..the GOP “boys club” certainly isn’t…

    Hmmmm, sound familiar ?

    • WMCB says:

      *snort* I’m from SC. SC has put up with all kind of crap from its governors. Prior to “soulmate on the appalachian trail” Sanford, there have been others with serious problems. The D and R men didn’t gang up together and try to oust them.

  11. WMCB says:

    *sigh* I just defriended someone on facebook, because I’m sick of her religious bigotry. She’s very “progressive”, and will likely be shocked, since she refuses to recognize that what she is engaging in is, in fact, bigotry.

    The latest was a link to an article, wherein British Christians are fighting to be allowed to wear tasteful crosses at work if they so choose.

    She proceeds to sneer at length about “Good, let them wear them. That way I can identify all the stupid people and avoid talking to them.” Then she reversed and opined how they ought not be allowed to wear a crucifix, because they are just so stupid and stupid, and no one wants to see their massive stupidness, and the govt should protect us cool smart people from having to be offended by the display of outward symbols of their ignorant ignorantness.

    I’m just DONE putting up with that crap. Done. I have no problem with areligious people – I’m MARRIED to a freaking atheist, for Pete’s sake! But I’m not putting up with bigotry anymore, no matter how much “liberal” verbiage you cloak it in.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Good for you. Hate speech is not pretty. It certainly comes from both sides. I get more pissed of at “progressives” being that way probably because I still expect more from them. Turns out there’s mostly the same level of hate and stupidity from each side. Imagine that.

  12. yttik says:

    If you want to know how disconnected the President is from real women, my daughter heard that clip and asked me……”what’s dry cleaning?” Ha! It’s an ancient cultural artifact, dear, kind of like that tool you dug up a few years ago, that thing called “an iron.”

    No seriously, some people actually send their clothes to this place called the “cleaners” and they spray them with sanitizing chemicals, press them with an iron, wrap them in tissue and plastic, and give them back to you.

    She doesn’t believe me.

    • WMCB says:

      I picked up on that in his speech, too. Yeah, all the women out there in flyover land have as their biggest ECONOMIC concern (because this was supposedly an economic forum) the skyrocketing cost of drycleaning. The fact that their grocery bill is insane, they are having trouble filling up their car, and their house is being foreclosed on, pales beside the fact that their $1000 suits and silk blouses cost ever so much more to have cleaned.

  13. WMCB says:

    TextsFromHillary now has a twitter feed:

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