Using religion as a hook

The Other McCain:

As you can see, Bashir calls Romney “Mitt the Mendacious” three times. The crudeness of Bashir’s rhetorical method is enough to make Allahpundit pine for “the relative subtlety and understated good taste of Keith Olbermann.” Bashir also reminds MSNBC viewers that on Wednesday, he interviewed Pastor Robert Jeffress, the Southern Baptist who endorsed Romney despite Jeffress’s continued insistence that Mormonism is a heretical cult.

What Bashir is doing is something I explained two weeks ago: Using evangelicals as a “hook” to bring up Romney’s Mormonism. This is a familiar theme that mainstream reporters have been working on ever since the 2008 campaign. The supposed anti-Mormon prejudices of evangelical Christians that were much talked about in terms of Romney’s difficulties in GOP primaries will now be reinterpreted as an excuse to talk about Mitt’s Mormonism for the general election campaign.

It’s a great two-birds-with-one-stone-stone trick for liberals: “Look how bigoted these holy rollers are and — hey, by the way — did you notice that Romney’s religion is kinda weird and has a history of polygamy, violence and racism? Also, coming up next, we have an exclusive interview with an ex-Mormon woman who has written a book that says the church is horribly sexist . . .”

The Other McCain is a flaming wingnut so take what he says with a grain of salt, but he has a valid point. When was the last time you saw a bloviating gasbag quoting the Bible to compare a professed Christian politician’s actions or statements to his/her religious beliefs?

Obama supporters claim they are just pointing out hypocrisy, but in 2008 it was considered taboo (and racist) to ask Obama about his religion or the sermons of his spiritual mentor, but it was open season as far as speculating on Sarah Palin’s religious beliefs and her alleged connection to Dominionism and a shadowy cult called “Joel’s Army.

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    I suspect that in the next few months we’re all gonna learn more about Mormanism than we ever wanted to know.

  2. DandyTiger says:

    It’s called bigotry, plane and simple. And current Dems are made of 50% bigotry and hate and 50% bullshit. They’re both ugly and smelly.

    Argue policy and you’ll get further. But they don’t seem to understand that concept any more. Probably because their current leader and party leaders have no policy views or goals.

    • Agree they have no policy views. They do have goals though
      Get re-elected at any cost, maintain personal power at any cost.

      • DandyTiger says:

        Yep, the end justifies the means is their only guiding force. And their ends don’t even really matter to most of them. Or at least they’re always stated in nebulous terms as to be meaningless.

    • WMCB says:

      Yes, it’s bigotry. And watching that, you can see him relish and revel in it. Just as you could see the proglodytes relish the misogyny over the past few years. Just as you can see it in the house nigger, uncle tom, aunt jemimah hate directed at black conservatives.

      The people who took over the Dem party are some nasty, nasty people. It’s ugly. I have heard things come out of the mouths of progressives worse than anything I ever heard out of the mouth of the worst knuckle-dragging republican I ever knew. And that knuckle-dragging republican gets immediately shunned. The progs doing the hating and hurling of blatantly racist or misogynist insults are either tolerated or openly approved.

      Yes, these people are fucking bigots. And they disgust me.

    • WMCB says:

      Oh, the Dem party and the left is filthy with bigots these days. They love them some religious people/black people/women/gay people so long as those people play their role as props to advance progressive power. But the minute your religion/blackness/gayness/femaleness gets in the way of their agenda, you can be attacked in the most bigoted way possible, with their full approval.

      As for what their agenda is, at the moment it seems to be “Keep handing us more and more power and authority, and more and more money, until we haz ALL the powerz! Then we will take care of everything in some way yet to be specified. Trust us, because we are the caring ones, and everyone else hates you.”

      They disgust me. And I’ve come to despise them. And I will fight any way I have to to keep power out of their greedy little hands.

    • votermom says:

      The right is already calling Obamacare an infringement on the religious freedom of Catholics. So now they want to target Mormons next?

  3. elliesmom says:

    This is all becoming too predictable. To someone who doesn’t believe in any religion, all of them have beliefs that appear strange. It’s no more wacky to me to believe that someone dug up some gold plates in his yard with writing on them and used a magic hat to decipher them then it is to believe that a young woman was born without original sin so that she could give birth without having sex, and now wine and bread are magically turned into her son’s flesh and blood so that people can eat him every Sunday morning. But I think that where we really try as a nation to be post-racial, we still haven’t agreed that religion has no place in politics. We might talk about wanting church and state separate, but half the population wouldn’t vote for an atheist to be president. This is going to be harder to slap down than the Seamus on the roof thing. Hopefully, Romney is prepared.

    • angienc says:

      Don’t worry — Mormons are used to combating prejudice (they already believe they are persecuted) and the Romney camp hasn’t been been caught asleep at the wheel yet. I’m more than confident they’ve already got a plan ready to roll out (not to mention a ton of opposition research on Obama and Black Liberation Theology they are just itching to make public). Romney is no McCain. He seems determined to win (whereas McCain seemed content to be nominated).

      • WMCB says:

        Did you know that Mormons are the only group in America who once had an extermination order issued against them by a state government?

        Yeah, they have been persecuted. I think they’ll be able to handle it. And I also don’t think Americans will react the way Obama is thinking.
        Like myself, who even though I think their religion is weird as fuck and a little creepy, will react very defensive of them if people start bashing them. Leave people’s religions alone.

        • elliesmom says:

          Romney helped build (albeit quietly) the first Mormon Temple in the NE. It’s a beautiful building that reaches to the sky from the top of hill on the western outskirts of Boston. I drive by it every time I go into the city. There were a lot of issues that came up when it was being built, technically related to zoning, but it’s my experience that a high school auditorium doesn’t get jam-packed over the height of a steeple. The state courts finally intervened and the temple was completed in 2000. In 2007, when Romney was running for president, WAPO, hundreds of miles away from Belmont, MA, felt the need to rehash the zoning wars. Romney responded to all of the hullabaloo about his religion with this speech: While it’s an OK speech, it didn’t really satisfy anymore than Obama’s Greatest Speech Eva on Race. I hope that Romney’s camp will not stick to the high road on this one. He can, but they shouldn’t.

        • WMCB says:

          I hope that Romney’s camp will not stick to the high road on this one. He can, but they shouldn’t.

          Yes. He needs to play by Obama rules – remain the smiling nice guy while every surrogate under the sun sticks the shivs in.

        • angienc says:

          Yes, the Mormons have actually been persecuted. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise by my use of the word “feel.” It was just sloppy writing.

      • jeffhas says:

        “He seems determined to win”

        This is becoming very evident.

        … and then there is the bonus of the Mormon Church $$$$$$ because as you attack them, they will donate like mad to the Super PAC’s.

        This will NOT be like every other dirty race Obama has run before. He will likely be outspent – and his opponent does not seem to be afraid of playing dirty as well.

        Is it wrong to want the race for our highest, most professional public office to be the nastiest festival evah?

        For the first time in a long time – I’m looking forward to the lesser of two evils in a no-holds-barred-gloves-off-mud-wrestling extravaganza. Popcorn?! – This is a popcorn-popping, nacho cheesy, hot dog eating, red vine sucking, goobers & milk dud dropping pleasure ride as far as I’m concerned.

        • leslie says:

          This will NOT be like every other dirty race Obama has run before. He will likely be outspent – and his opponent does not seem to be afraid of playing dirty as well.

          Having witnessed Obama “at work” in the past, and having seen and pointed out his nastiness and corruptness to fam/friends here in chicago-land throughout, I cannot wait to see this campaign.

      • WMCB says:

        jeffhas, I feel the same way. I have no emotional attachment to Romney, so won’t feel disappointed in him if he goes nasty. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a tool to get Obama out. So – gloves off, let’s hit that arrogant bastard in a way that McCain (and to some extent Hillary) were afraid to hit him in 2008. Go for the jugular.

        I don’t say that to knock Hill. The mood was different then, and she is a Democrat. But I want to see O’s prissy precious ass reeling and drowning in his many failures. I hope Romney’s team goes after him hard.

        • jeffhas says:

          Well – If I’m already going to get the lesser of two evils, what disappointment could I possibly feel.

          The least I could get is a GRAND SPECTACLE… I want Spartacus! – Faux Greek Coliseum and all.

        • angienc says:

          Oh, my black little heart is with you two 100% The best way to get under a narcissist like Obama’s skin & send him flailing is by laughing at him. This has already started with the Obama8Dog meme all over Twitter, so check the first box. The second best way is to use his own tactics against him, so yes, Romney has to play all “above the fray” while the surrogates stick the knives in. This will really rankle Obama because he is supposed to be the only one who stays “above the fray” the “calm & cool” one, the “No Drama Obama.” {puke} So far, Romney has been doing that as well. So check the second box.

          I hope this gets to the point where Obama literally melts down on TV — tears, yelling, pointing finger, and all. And I really think it will if the next 6 months go like these last 2 weeks.

          Hee, hee! I’ve got the box wine ready.

        • jeffhas says:

          hehe – I love that your ‘little black heart’ peeks through not ever-so-slightly…

        • Lulu says:

          I think that if the Obama/Proglodyte mob is displaced that we will learn stuff that will curl our hair (or at least my hair) about Obama’s mob and miscreants like Pelosi. Fear of exposure is part of why they act the way they do.

        • leslie says:

          Amen to all the above.

  4. Choices choices. Hmmm
    Magic underwear or G*d Damn America! I sat in a church for twenty years and didn’t hear the pastor or I paid attention and did the missionary thing.
    Guess which one I choose.
    Do they REALLY want to go there? Seriously?

    • angienc says:

      Exactly. Every time someone mentions that Romney is Mormon, I think of Rev. Wright. And I know I can’t be the only one. I’m not so sure this is the “winner” the Dems think it is.

      • I think they are in desperation mode. Floating trial balloons that have so far all gone the way of the Hindenberg.
        Don’t they do focus groups or something? Or maybe they do and they are only drawing from the kool-aid true believers?

        • angienc says:

          Sure, focus groups containing members drawn from their own echo-chambers, just like Tommy in the “this Obama isn’t Working slogan is r@cist and four of my friends agree with me, so it must be true” story posted earlier today.

    • This is part and parcel of what makes me start to think that, rather than being the perfect foil, Romney might be the perfect competitor for Obama. I’m still uncomfortable with how close they really are in terms of catering to Wall Street, but for every weird thing about Romney, there’s almost a perfect match for Obama. Dogs? Checked. Polygamy? Checked? Freaky John Smith doctrine? Reverend Wright and black liberation theology. It’s a total freakshow, and the best I can hope for is disempowering the empowered. ABO. A dog on plate before O.

      • jeffhas says:

        YES!!!! – I’ll repeat what I said above:

        Is it wrong to want the race for our highest, most professional public office to be the nastiest festival evah?

        PLEASE cue the Freakshow already!

        … I mean dogeating?! – whodathunkit.

      • Lulu says:

        I look at the old maxim that it took Nixon to go to China and end the war, and a Democrat like Obama to gut the New Deal. Mittens could reform Wall St and banks because he knows it and the screaming from the Republicans would be blunted because he is theirs. Mitt could jazz up a Let’s get Corzine speech and people would listen. He probably won’t because he need WS bucks.

  5. PS: This is my religion:

  6. WMCB says:


  7. Oswald says:

    I guess it’s no wonder that the Latte Liberals don’t understand Mormons. They don’t ever meet any of them at Starbucks.

  8. Oswald says:

    Andrew Breitbart died of natural causes

    The office of the Los Angeles County coroner has completed its investigation into the death of Andrew Breitbart on March 1, and has confirmed that he died of natural causes, namely heart failure.

    Chief Coroner Investigator Craig Harvey told Breitbart News that the final autopsy report would be released next week.

    A press release issued by the Department of Coroner (below) notes: “No prescription or illicit drugs were detected. The blood alcohol was .04%,” a negligible amount.

    The press release concludes: “No significant trauma was present and foul play is not suspected.”

  9. Oswald says:

    This is from Aconservativelesbian:

    • WMCB says:

      LOL! “You have ruined every photo-op of me eating at a folksy diner until the end of all time.”

  10. jeffhas says:

    Martin Bashir has quickly risen to become the smarmiest of all the smegmasmelling MSNBC talkingasses.

    I ‘almost’ pine for Olberman – except that THAT ended so well that I can’t possibly want to take that fail away from Keith.

  11. myiq2xu says:

    Giants beat Mets, 4-3 in 10

  12. WMCB says:

    Booing Obama at Fenway Park. Also, BONUS! “Who eats a dog?!”

  13. myiq2xu says:

    My neighbors at the end of the block have started a Zuccotti-style drum circle in their driveway. They have been playing for about 3 hours straight. This is the second time they have done this.

    I may have to start clowning around again.

    • WMCB says:

      Do it. You need your rest. I have to go start doing some actual work on the computer instead of playing, and I don’t waaaaanna.

  14. WMCB says:

    Article on how California has gone insane, and young families leaving in droves. Guy quoted in article is a Dem who voted for Brown. And he’s had enough.

  15. angienc says:

    OT — found this article from March 2012 — surprised it didn’t get much play across the MSM /rolls eyes

  16. Lulu says:
    “President Obama’s re-election campaign is straining to raise the huge sums it is counting on to run against Mitt Romney, with sharp dropoffs in donations from nearly every major industry forcing it to rely more than ever on small contributions and a relative handful of major donors.”
    It is called throwing good money after bad. Or Obama is has the reek of sunk costs. I am starting to think the last couple of weeks was the axis shift. Obama is no longer viewed as unbeatable and more importantly untouchable. The MSM could not protect him from the backlash on the war on women, dog eating, and weird religion/polygamy hypocrisy . The public is getting lippy with the Progs which will be seen next in a bigger slide in the polls.

  17. yttik says:

    Didn’t Mormons “stimulate” the economy in Las Vegas? Works for me! Bring on the Mormons.

  18. DandyTiger says:

    Timely to this discussion:

    iowahawkblog: So I guess Axelrod’s next campaign strategy is to attack Romney for having oddballs in his ancestry. #BOOM #WileECoyote

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