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Late Night is for Night Owls

About to head to bed here in a bit, but thought I’d share this beautiful manufacturing job by TPTB: 04.2012 Social Security is rushing even faster toward insolvency, driven by retiring baby boomers, a weak economy and politicians’ reluctance to … Continue reading

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Barking up the wrong tree

Via Ace of Spades: Va. investigates voter fraud Results of an ongoing Virginia State Police investigation of voter registration irregularities from the 2008 general election may signal a more significant voter fraud issue than some state lawmakers realized. As Virginia … Continue reading

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Trapped in 1963

Touré Neblett: Inside the Racist Mind The fact that you may honestly believe you are not biased does not free you from unconscious racism After a recent event where I spoke about racial identity, a white woman sidled up to … Continue reading

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Doggone Funny

Here’s a collection of Obama eats dog cartoon and photoshops. Post your favorite jokes and tweets in the comments. This is an open thread.

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