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TGIF Open Thread

Well, it’s the start of another 3-day weekend. My big plans include mowing the lawn and maybe a trip to Walmart or something. Monday I’ll probably have a BBQ. I’ve been wanting to try Indonesian food and my neighbor has … Continue reading

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The real world

Hot Air: Here’s a riddle: what do you call several years in college, a couple of years as a community organizer, and almost an entire career as a Chicago machine politician? If you’re Barack Obama, you call it … “the … Continue reading

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I get mail

I found this in my spam folder: Myiq2xu, Daily Kos turns 10 years old tomorrow. In internet years, that’s more like a century! From a tiny one-man blog, Daily Kos grew to become a community where tens of thousands analyze … Continue reading

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About Those Ultrasounds

The Democrats’ “War on Women” rhetoric argues that the GOP is going after abortion access by adding all sorts of regulations that are meant to act as barriers against women choosing abortion. One of the chief lynchpins in this argument … Continue reading

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PSA: Beware of #BrettKimberlin

Conservative bloggers have declared today, March 25, as Blog About Brett Kimberlin day. I consider myself an Independent, but I find the actions that convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin has taken to silence bloggers very disturbing. In support of free … Continue reading

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Hillary is 1/32 Honey Badger

F*$k Yeah, Hillary Clinton Popped Her Collar Honestly, in response to this turn of events, I just feel like screaming a string of celebratory expletives. That’s how I feel. Hillary Clinton popped her collar to testify before the Senate Foreign … Continue reading

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