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Smear Job

The smear: Integrity: The Child Scott Walker Left Behind Bernadette Gillick was a college freshman in 1988 when she first met Scott Walker. It was spring semester, and she had just transferred to Marquette University. She was assigned a room … Continue reading

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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

Hot Air: Personal intrusion in the age of politics You probably receive all sort of direct mail items during election season. We all do. You know the type… glossy, gauzy postcards highlighting the amazing qualifications of one candidate or the … Continue reading

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Fool me once, won’t get fooled again

David “Spoony” Atkins: No one is going to save you fools, again Here we go again. We now know that the Obama Administration traded away the public option in order to gain support from the hospital industry for the Affordable … Continue reading

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