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Friday Night Music Open Thread

Bob Welch committed suicide yesterday. He was 65.

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What are they trying to hide?

Here they go again: Breitbart’s people at Netroots by Donkey Hotey Several of Breitbart’s people are at Netroots nation. Here is a link to a picture of them standing in a group. I have been told this group includes Loesch, … Continue reading

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I don’t think that job was gonna pan out anyway

Booker’s big mouth ruins relationship with Obama, Cabinet hopes It’s bye-bye, Beltway for Cory Booker. Newark’s mayor, who was gunning for a spot in President Obama’s Cabinet, lost the chance after he shot his mouth off during a blunderingly honest … Continue reading

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That was fast

New GOP ad “The private sector is doing fine.”

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I love a good rant

She’s a pistol: And see, THIS is why Americans have become so stubborn on the issue of tax increases on anyone. They want the debt and budget dealt with, and “tax increases on the wealthy” are always sold as being … Continue reading

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No blackout here

A number of conservative blogs will be dark today in support of Aaron Walker. We will remain open, not because we don’t support Mr. Walker’s right to free speech, but because we’re not a conservative blog. Besides, we were never … Continue reading

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