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Occupiers wanted – $20 hour

The Army Will Pay You to Riot How does the US Army know if its less-than-lethal armaments are effective without being deadly? Live fire training exercises employing a mob of volunteers, of course. That’s right, if you are over 18 … Continue reading

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Tom and Daisy Obama

Obama jets in to New York on Air Force One for evening of star-studded fundraisers… but a short trip to the World Trade Center means taxpayers must pick up the check Tonight is set to be a busy night for … Continue reading

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These Are the Days of Our Lives

Good grief. Here we go again. The damn globe will not stop spinning, and the women of the Democratic Party will not stop making a crass mess of themselves in public; but neither can Republican men be counted on to … Continue reading

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If Obama gave a speech and nobody watched, did he make a sound?

Apparently Obama gave a speech today. It was supposed to jumpstart or “reboot” his campaign. I keep picturing his aides yelling “Clear!” as he walked out on stage. This is what we call a total disaster ladies. I’m going to … Continue reading

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What is a “real” journalist?

Before there was Andrew Breitbart, there was Michelle Malkin to hate: ‘Real Journalists Are Apologists for Corrupt-ocracy’: Michelle Malkin Takes on Juan Williams in Tense Live TV Segment Things got a little more heated than usual on tonight’s Hannity in … Continue reading

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