These Are the Days of Our Lives

Good grief. Here we go again. The damn globe will not stop spinning, and the women of the Democratic Party will not stop making a crass mess of themselves in public; but neither can Republican men be counted on to behave rationally. So what’sthematterwithMichigan? Well, for starters, Representative Lisa Brown couldn’t help herself yesterday on the House floor. At the end of a speech opposing restrictions on abortion, she said:

“Finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.'”

And she was censured. Found, in fact, to be in violation of House rules on decorum. Now, before you go getting your dander up because some woman had a consequence for such language on the floor, ask yourself if a similar comment made by a man could pass muster.  I doubt it. If some male rep who opposed, say, Michigan Representative Barb Byrum’s ridiculous amendment disallowing vasectomy except in case of a life-threatening condition had stood up and said “I’m flattered you’re all so interested in my penis” how would that fly? It would be front page news and for good reason.

Now come reports that both of these women have been censured, and disallowed to speak on the House floor, a penalty imposed by the majority Republicans. The ABC article linked suggests this is temporary and gives Republicans the chance to explain:

Adler said the Republican leadership’s verbal order barring the two representatives from speaking was nothing new in the Michigan state house.

“It was a rather common practice when House Democrats had control and would not recognize any Republicans to speak,” Adler said.

But Adler insisted Brown was not being reprimanded because of the word, but rather because of the context, which he said was “inappropriate.”

Still. How do you not know the optics will be bad on this one? Already this is being extrapolated and conflated in the progressive online community. What they are extrapolating and conflating is proof of the war on women, and that an ostensibly temporary and routine verbal order is now “indefinite.” Like, you know, detention. The American Taliban and all…

I don’t know what to think about all of this except it doesn’t freaking matter. As stupid as the actions on both sides are, they are also tiny issues when compared to the economy and joblessness and underemployment. I know, too, that these are the precious days of our lives and they’re being wasted by psycho-melodramas like this. WTF?

This is an open thread.

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24 Responses to These Are the Days of Our Lives

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Well, the War on the Palins continues. Seems Bristol’s “bar heckler” is suing her for hurting his feelings during the filming of her reality show.

  2. HELENK says:

    he dem congresswoman, may have made a good speech and a good point, but who will remember that. What they will remember is the stupid comment she got censored for making.
    She defeated her own purpose.

  3. HELENK says:,0,5114066.story

    backtrack has another fashion show fun raiser. Uses oprah’s studio.
    I did not know anna wintour was the one advising meeeeeschele on her fashion.

    • r u reddy says:

      Based on intuition ( no real knowledge), I suspect Obama will do well in SoutEast and SouthMid Michigan . . . wherever the car and carparts and carparts supply industries predominate. Romney will do well everywhere else in Michigan.

      If the election here in Michigan looks like it will be a landslide either way without my vote, I will feel free to vote for the third party wannabe of my own choosing at that time. If the election looks close, I suspect I will be voting for Romney (and voting for Democrats downticket) so as to protect my Social Security, Medicare, and old age survival in general . . . from the Simpson-Obama Catfood Conspiracy.

  4. Beavis says:

    She said “vagina.”

    He he he

  5. HELENK says:

    it just keeps getting better. Not only did backtrack screw up NYC during rush hour, because he stopped at Ground Zero, we are stuck with the cost

    • r u reddy says:

      I have read that many North Dakotans, South Dakotans, and Nebraskans are relieved that the pipeline has been kept out of their states, away from their high value farms and farmland, and away from the Ogalala Aquifer. Am I misinformed?

  6. WMCB says:

    Too much wine & theorizing with hubby over the feasibility/ethics of engineered parthenogenesis in humans. We get OUT there when drunk.

    Will be back later to read/ comment if not passed out.

    • HELENK says:

      Go and enjoy the conversation with your husband, some of the smartest conversations happen with the help of booze

  7. HELENK says:


    where is holder and what does he have to say about this????????

  8. yttik says:

    Accuracy is a bit of a problem here, Lola. She should have said uterus or womb or something. Using “vagina” makes it like hysteria, hyperbole. And, “no means no?” More exaggeration, because this was an abortion debate. I presume somebody said “yes,” at some point.

    This is one issue I have with the Left, with Dems. They engage in too much hyperbole, talking points, exaggeration, at a time when women are trying to be taken seriously, to make well reasoned arguments. Instead you’re supposed to practically shriek,”Republicans support rape,” from the House floor. The goal is not to make things better for women, it’s to make Republicans look bad so Dems can get in by default.

    • WMCB says:

      THIS. Women, we are going to lose choice altogether if the D and feminist leadership continues to portray any qualms or reservations at all about abortion as some laughable and creepy obsession with sex and vaginas.

      Because you know what? It’s just not. Sorry, but it’s NOT. Barring a vanishingly few Neanderthals, the pro-life folks are truly, really, genuinely worried that the rights of what is an actual human being are being discounted and not discussed or considered here.

      There are two lives affected here, not just one, in the view of a majority of the public. I have damn good and well-thought-out reasons why I think that the woman’s concerns take precedence, at least in the first trimester. But I am not so STUPID as to think that no ethical dilemma or balancing act exists here, that it’s all Lalalalalalalalala simple as pie, and if you disagree you hates you some wimminz having sex.

      Bullshit. Prochoice women need to wake the fuck up and stop playing these demonization narrative games, or we will LOSE.

    • Lola-at-Large says:


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