It’s hard out there for a pimp

S.F. couple kill daughter’s alleged pimp, cops say

A San Francisco couple whose teenage daughter was allegedly being pimped by a Southern California man tracked him around the state, failing at one attempt to kill him before shooting him to death near Candlestick Park, authorities said Wednesday.

Attorneys for the couple say that they tried everything to rescue their daughter from Calvin Sneed, a 22-year-old alleged gang member from Compton (Los Angeles County), but that they didn’t kill him.

Prosecutors, however, say that when Barry Gilton and his longtime girlfriend, Lupe Mercado, couldn’t get their 17-year-old daughter back through legitimate means, they turned to premeditated murder.

I’d take to trial and go for jury nullification. If it was my daughter I would happily go to prison for killing that scumbag.

With more parents like that there would be fewer pimps in this world.

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11 Responses to It’s hard out there for a pimp

  1. HELENK says:

    when it comes to your kid, you do what you have to do.
    there is a large difference between the law and justice

  2. myiq2xu says:

    This is a case where you volunteer for jury duty.

  3. WMCB says:

    Palin is speaking at the Right Online blogger conf in Vegas.

    She just called Obama a pot smoking, cocaine snorting dog eater. No shit. Then she asked if anyone in the audience had a pet moose.

    NO I am not joking. :D. She said it. LMAO!

  4. WMCB says:

    “Don’t spin GOP failures the way the left does for President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.” @SarahPalinUSA #RO12

  5. WMCB says:

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! Scott Walker is the Honey Badger!!!!!

  6. r u reddy says:

    Do jurors know about nullification? If they don’t , is it legal to tell them about it right there in the courtroom?

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