Sarah Palin in Sin City

What happens in Vegas gets posted on YouTube

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  1. mcnorman says:

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    Deep Thoughts By SP…Obama is a pot smoking, cocaine snorting dog eater. Anyone in the audience have a pet moose?

  2. mcnorman says:

    You’re the best Crawdad Hole.

  3. HELENK says:

    watching the obot media explode over this will be so much fun.

    tweety tingles will have a tingle going DOWN his leg

    rachael maddow will be jumping up and down like rumplestilskin

    mica’s blackberry will explode

    piers will lose his accent

    ed schultz will be foaming at the mouth

    have popcorn and chocolate, will get brave and try to watch them implode

  4. WMCB says:

    She rocks.

  5. myiq2xu says:

    John Nolte:

    Since securing the nomination, though, Team Romney has shown more than promise. In fact, they’ve shown a real brilliance in the handling of Obama’s Media Palace Guards — from their unwillingness to disavow Donald Trump; to ruining David Axelrod’s media event; to a stubborn refusal to get sidetracked off an economic message by media-created distractions; to an understanding that New Media is now a powerhouse able to push a message into the daily political narrative — something the corrupt media no longer owns completely.

    Today, deep in this Financial Times piece, we learn that when it comes to handling the media, the Romney campaign is even doing the little things right:

    The Orlando event had all the traits of the tightly managed Romney campaign – from the last-minute notification and limited access for the media to the favoured venue, a local small business.

    As soon as he hit the rope line to talk to supporters, Mr Romney’s staff turned up the rock music played through speakers scattered around the hall to deafening levels, as they always do.

    The music, aimed at preventing reporters overhearing or recording comments to supporters that could prove embarrassing, is one of the myriad ways the campaign tries to control its message.

    How many times have we seen the corrupt media throw a GOP campaign off course due to a supporter’s question in a rope line. It’s all a game of gotcha, a way for the media to talk about anything other than Obama’s failed policies.

    Romney and company have obviously figured out what John McCain never did: That if you play on the turf the media demands you play on, that if you seek their approval, you will lose.

    For example, Romney understood that the media conspiring with the Obama campaign (which it did) to force him to repudiate Donald Trump is only a two day story.

    Unless, of course, you cave.

    Then it’s a five day story after the media reports on Romney’s distancing of himself, Trump’s response, etc. Actually, before the election is over, it becomes a 50 day story because by showing weakness, the media will demand Romney repudiate everyone and everything.

  6. Oswald says:

    Troy Senik

    You know that point in a declining relationship where you can no longer work up the energy to decide what to do for the evening, so you just stay at home, watch television, and hope to avoid eye contact with your significant other? That’s where Team Obama is right now.

    This is year eight ennui from an administration that’s five months away from a reelection vote. Right now, the Obama team is Tom Hanks on the raft in “Castaway” and the second term is Wilson, gently rolling away on the waves — except, rather than screaming at the top of their lungs, they’ve decided that this is a good time for a nap.

    What’s the strategy here? Is this a reset speech? We’ve already had, by my count, 87 of those (to be fair, they didn’t specify which summer was going to be “Recovery Summer”). With this new speech, Obama is now officially resetting expectations more often than Harold Camping.

    Do they really think their major problem is that the public’s insufficiently aware that the administration blames George W. Bush for its economic problems? If so, take it from this former White House speechwriter, Obama communications staff: there has never been a president whose problems stemmed from difficulty getting his message out. For God’s sake, George H.W. Bush made one offhanded remark at a press conference 20 years ago and hasn’t received a Christmas card from the broccoli lobby since. People listen when the president talks — except when he’s repeating himself ad nauseam to no great effect. There’s a difference between people not listening to you and people not liking what you’re saying.

  7. WMCB says:

    One of the best responses I’ve read to the D’s whining and handwringing over the reporter shouting a question. From a commenter at Althouse:

    “That’s exactly what this group of brainiacs are advocating – violating the rules all they want because the President isn’t following the rules they assert.”

    That’s not what they are advocating. They are modeling the behavior that Democrats have shown is the expected political response in our day and age.

    The Do unto others train rolled a long while ago, and now it is being done unto you, not because it is good etiquette, but because Democrats do not care about etiquette. They are shame-filled. They established a new etiquette and this etiquette is now the established model.

    All because you do not care about etiquette or honor or civility except as it benefits you.

    McCain had honor and etiquette. Palin was shown what that meant to his opponents.

    The rules that you set are the rules you now play by. Your attempts to make charges of hypocrisy or other standards are merely yet more rhetorical tactics being used to shut your opponents up–one of the arsenal of weapons that is used to stifle debate and Constitutional government.

    It is shameful and you should be ashamed of playing this game of false and disingenuous outrage.

  8. angienc says:

    Speaking of radical left-wing anarchists, I’ve been loathe to talk about that punk from the Golden Dawn party in Greece who slapped that woman Kanelli from KKE (the communist party) on live TV, but it was picked up by the international media & I’m sure everyone saw the video. Anyway, every single report I saw in the American press described Golden Dawn as a “right wing group.” In fact, Golden Dawn is a radical left anarchist & neo-nazi group — they even wear Guy Fawkes masks at rallies & they are the ones you see in engaging in *violent* protests when the American news shows Greek protesting (other parties protest too, but they aren’t engaging in the violence Golden Dawn is). Golden Dawn is, as my mom says, the drug addicts who like to hang out & destroy things when they get bored. Sound like anyone we know? (cough) OWSers (cough).

    And, FTR, the most “right wing” party *in* Greece (New Democracy Party) would probably be considered center-left in the US, which makes the American MSM description of Golden Dawn as “radical right wing” doubly stupid.

    BTW, in case anyone wants to know what the fight was about — earlier in the discussion Kanelli (the woman from KKE whom the punk slapped) called him a fascist in a dispute over the policies involving oil resources in Crete. During the argument, he insults the woman from the radical left party (SYRIZA — kind of “communist light” — her name is Rena Dourou), who is sitting across from him in the salmon colored shirt, specifically naming her as a “snitch” against Golden Dawn & she said she wasn’t going to allow him to insult her personally (that’s when he stands & throws the water on her). It was then that Kanelli gets up & he slaps her 3x. What they are saying at that point is difficult for me to understand because the host of the show, Papadakis (the fat guy who breaks up the fight) is yelling “OHXI! OHXI! OHXI!” (NO, NO, NO!) over everyone.

    Another thing the American news didn’t report, is that after this incident all the other parties in Greece (about 20 if you count the minor ones, not just the 8 bigger ones) declared they would have nothing to do with, participate in any discussions that included, etc. Golden Dawn.
    I’m telling you all this just so you can know that the vast majority of Greeks are disgusted by Golden Dawn generally, and certainly condemn this act specifically, despite the characterization by the American media regarding this incident.

    I don’t know why I’m thinking about this all right now except that the new election in Greece is this Sunday & I’m worried about what’s going to happen. Usually at this time of the year I would be in Greece right now, but I didn’t go because of the turmoil & I was thinking today I’d be there next year, if there’s a Greece left. 😦

    Here’s the video if anyone hasn’t seen it:

    • Oswald says:

      Our socialists would be considered rightwingers in Europe.

      • angienc says:


        • taw46 says:

          Thank you for that, angie. I, too, share your worry about Greece. From 1984-1995, I had the privilege of visiting Greece once a year. We met the most wonderful people, and it is a place of incredible beauty. I remember the discussion about the Euro. One of our friends there said if it passed, that would be the end of Greece. Sad to see what is happening now.

    • Pips says:

      Following which he has now sued both the two women he assaulted, and the TV station.

      “I have come to the prosecutor today to file a lawsuit against Mrs Kanelli and Mrs Dourou for unprovoked defamation and against TV station Antenna for my illegal detention,” Reuters reported him saying outside court.
      According to Reuters, the 31-year-old former army commando turned up at the opening of his party’s new offices in a Athens suburb on Sunday and said he had been acting in self-defence.

      What a woman beating lowlife.

      • Erica says:

        Just shows how entitiled he feels to pull cr@p and then not only be vindicated in that, but earn damages. Typical bully behavior.

    • Karma says:

      Thanks for filling in those details.

  9. driguana says:

    I thought Palin’s speech was amazing…..full of truth and humor. As far as I can tell at the moment, she is still the only one on the political scene with both backbone and balls.

  10. HELENK says:

    this article is right on the money. the blogspere has broken more stories, done more investigation and given more information then the msm for several years. If you want to be really informed you have to go online, not watch tv only, or read newspapers.
    Much of that is because the msm has failed in it’s duty to investigate and inform

    • yttik says:

      I love that woman!

      “Sometimes you gotta rage against the machine … to hold them accountable … Whatever the outcome is in November, please do not get co-opted by the permanent political class. Granted you will not make many friends in the Beltway or in Hollywood … or in HBO … you won’t be one of the cool kids … doggone it … aww … sometimes you’ll find yourself under the bus … but you need to stay outside of the machines … sometimes you gotta rage against it … stay outside of the political establishments in order to hold them accountable … don’t spin the GOP failures the same way the left does for President Obama …”

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