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Using Violence Against Women

House, Senate can’t agree on Violence Against Women Act Progress on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act has ground to a halt despite the passage of competing bills in the House and Senate. Democrats had once made the … Continue reading

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Stupid should hurt

Seriously: Supporters Slow to Grasp Health Law’s Legal Risks With the Supreme Court likely to render judgment on President Obama’s health care law this week, the White House and Congress find themselves in a position that many advocates of the … Continue reading

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No Charles, they behaved like Obots

Charles Blow: Bullies on the Bus That’s the name of the video. It’s more than 10 minutes long, but if you make it through more than three of them with your eyes not getting misty and your blood not boiling … Continue reading

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Satan is the father of all lies

David “Spoony” Atkins: Close followers of the presidential election on both sides know that Mitt Romney has waged a campaign of breathtaking mendacity. His Republican primary opponents and their supporters know it, having been deluged with truth-bending attacks and mischaracterizations … Continue reading

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