Racist ad

Seriously. Somebody call Touré Neblett and Al Sharpton. This is racial stereotyping.

Three people, a stolen sandwich and the black guy is the thief.

I’m glad I only eat Quiznos.

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5 Responses to Racist ad

  1. myiq2xu says:

    SFGiants beat Dodgers 2-0 – they are now 1 game back in the NL West

  2. HELENK says:

    here is a goody for you. Which brings in more money to the state
    a giant mall or a football stadium??


  3. HELENK says:


    some upsets today in the primaries

  4. yttik says:

    LOL! That is a racist ad. And it promotes a stereotype of the President. He’s stealing our lunch and gaslighting us, baffling people with bullshit. The guy stole your damn sandwich, and everybody is afraid to say anything! I like the woman who rolls her eyes, like this is just pathetic. “Seriously, you’re just going to sit there and pretend you believe this crap?”

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