The New Civility

Hot Air:

Amelia Hamilton wrote a book titled One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots, and it got the kind of reaction one might expect. In a brand-new video, my friend Amelia features some of the more, er, nuanced reactions from political opponents, as read by some of our favorites in the conservative blogosphere. “Republican hausfrau” is the least objectionable, and it doesn’t take long to fulfill Godwin’s Law.

The first thing that turned me off about Obama was the unhinged hatred spewing from his followers. But he didn’t make them that way, he just channeled it into his campaign.

Is the left losing its collective mind?

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24 Responses to The New Civility

  1. Oswald says:

    Even non-Obot lefties engage in sneering contempt for Republicans.

  2. HELENK says:

    the only way combat the idiocy of obots is ridicule. Even when they do not understand it , the get the feeling that something is wrong

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      That’s the second best way. The BEST way is to completely disempower them by voting against the Democratic party and send them back to the sniveling minority they were during the Bush years. Don’t vote for or against any party ideology; just vote to shut progressives up. Attack them directly by denying them what they want and any ways they might be able to get it.

  3. Lulu says:

    The common denominator is superiority and a sense of entitlement. This is what links them and makes them drawn to each other and to Obama. I have always thought that they see themselves in him whether it is real or imagined. It is a personality disorder and classism is one of its manifestations. The more extreme they are the more severe the personality disorder. Classism (and regionalism) is an accepted form of bigotry at this time and they feel free to fully express it with no societal limitations. I think it shows great personal as well as social insecurity. And after viewing they way they think and act they have every reason to be insecure.

    • angienc says:

      Also, they are pseudo-intellectuals & pseudo-sophisticates, which is why they actually think Obama is an intellectual & a sophisticate instead of seeing him for the marginally intelligent, social-climbing, nouveau riche fraud that he is. If they could see him for who he truly is, they would have to admit the frauds that they are & their fragile egos couldn’t handle that (and I mean that literally in psychological kind of way — their cognitive distortion about him and their projection of their own traits onto others when they perceive any “threat” to that distortion — is an actual ego-protecting defense mechanism).

  4. Lola-at-Large says:

    What if they held a convention and no Superdelegates showed up? Looks we might find out:

    • DeniseVB says:

      I saw that earlier and wondered if Rep. Israel will have a job tommorrow ? Or find a horse’s head in his bed one morning?

      I’m a convention junkie … since the 50’s as a child with my Dad watching it like a sporting event. He taught me this is what’s great about our country, bloodless coups every 4 years 😀 I never missed the conventions (both parties) ever since. And OMG, Cspan came along and I could watch them gavel-to-gavel.

      Hopefully, this is a bat signal to Dems. The number is growing. Good.

  5. SHV says:

    “their fragile egos couldn’t handle that (and I mean that literally in psychological kind of way — their cognitive distortion about him and their projection of their own traits onto others when they perceive any “threat” to that distortion — is an actual ego-protecting defense mechanism”
    That was my conclusion when I visited by former anti-war, Liberal, now Obot niece.

    Me: “Did you read the NYT article about Obama’s Tuesday morning “selection” meetings and his “baseball cards”.??


    Me: “He is deciding who to kill base on the suspicion that they might support “terrorism. He is a fucking psychopath!!”

    She “So what…If he does it they probably deserve to die, but If Bush had done it I would have raised Hell”

    Me (to myself) “How fucked up is that? but at least there is some insight into the meaning of hypocrisy.”

  6. yttik says:

    Kids really need books for young patriots, followed by books about civics, how your government works, followed by your responsibilities as a citizen. A few years ago I spent a week with some graduating seniors and almost cried over the horrendous ignorance and misinformation they had. It doesn’t matter what your political leanings are or what you believe in, understanding your rights and responsibilities is practically a matter of survival. The US Constitution is important, the Bill of Rights matters.

    Those Occupiers are a good example, rather then setting yourself up to become human pinatas for law enforcement, there’s this whole thing about peaceful civil disobedience. Just ask the Tea Partiers. Number of arrests? Zero.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Remember, Obama gave us Occupiers. Other than a few anarchists sprinkled among them, they were Obama supporters. They cost local communities millions in cleaning up their messes and providing security. What an icky 3.5 years this administration has given us. Nothing gained either, I keep trying to find something to like about this blur of Obama years. Sigh.

    • elliesmom says:

      Civics used to be the 8th grade social studies curriculum around here anyway. With the new NCLB curriculum standards, 8th graders get the Middle Ages. US history is taught in elementary school, and it’s mostly legends. The constitution takes up a week or so of US history in high school. When you start at the “land bridge” and have to make it at least to Vietnam and the civil rights unrest of the 60’s and 70’s, there isn’t much time for how our government works. Most of the kids learn about their rights and responsibilities the hard way – in front of a judge.

      • Lulu says:

        Right after the War of 1812 when I was in high school we had a full year of civics in our senior year. The old horror that taught the class told us he was going to beat it into us so we would not be turned loose on society at large as savages. We were the only high school that I know that had a full year rather than one semester.

        • elliesmom says:

          It really is important to teach. One year our 8th grade team divided the class into groups. The project was to decide where our 8th grade field trip would be. But there was a catch – one group was set up as a theocracy, one had a constitutional monarchy with a parliament and a prime minister, one was a military dictatorship, and one a democratic republic that mimicked our own government. The kids had a great time. While the trip was usually to an amusement park, they surprised us and planned a boat trip to the Boston Harbor Islands. The religious folks “frowned” upon the “immorality” of the amusement park. While the other “countries” could influence them to pick a fun trip, they couldn’t budge them on that. What surprised the kids the most was that they never believed us that we were going to abide by what they picked. While some were initially disappointed that we weren’t doing Six Flags, they had a really good time out on the islands, and it remains the 8th grade class trip to this day. We were never allowed to do the project again because it doesn’t meet any of the 8th grade curriculum standards. But the kids learned a lot.

  7. Silly me, I thought that patriot meant this:

    pa·tri·ot noun
    \ˈpā-trē-ət, -ˌät, chiefly British ˈpa-trē-ət\

    Definition of PATRIOT

    : one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests</B

    I don’t see in there where that means I support its authority and interests ALL THE TIME, or WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS. America, love her or hate her … at least in this country, we have the right to hate her and express that sentiment.

  8. HELENK says:

    just wondering
    Do you think there will be the usual Wednesday night party at the white house tonight?????

    • cj says:

      Well, not the usual party, but there will be plenty of drinking tonight. 🙂

      • DeniseVB says:

        WH Congressional Picnic tonight, he delivers remarks at 7pm according to the “official” schedule. This has been planned for awhile, how conveeeeenient it’s the eve of Contempt’O’bamacare in the other balance of powers venues 😀

        • cj says:

          Oh god, please don’t tell me he’s going to be on tv again tonight. I’m so sick of the sight of him.

  9. myiq2xu says:

  10. HELENK says:

    going to see the fire in Colorado on Friday. Remember he has fundraisers in LA for Friday, this way the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill

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