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BREAKING! OWS #NatGat Surrounded by Police

UPDATE 10:43 EDT: All livestreams are now down. Looks like that’s all for tonight, folks. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for another 15 minutes or so. Hope you enjoyed the show. UPDATE 10:06 EDT: Livesteam and Fed. Det. Center keeps … Continue reading

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Really bad optics UPDATED – HOAX

Obama Campaign Celebrates Independence Day … with Fundraiser in Paris Apparently tiring of US soil as a source of campaign dollars, the Obama campaign is headed overseas — with its celebrity friends in tow. The European Obama campaign starts next … Continue reading

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Poll Dancing

Gallup: Americans Issue Split Decision on Healthcare Ruling Americans are sharply divided over Thursday’s Supreme Court decision on the 2010 healthcare law, with 46% agreeing and 46% disagreeing with the high court’s ruling that the law is constitutional. Democrats widely … Continue reading

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