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Obot lamentations

DougJ at Buffoon Juice: If you love him, be proud of him I know we write this type of post over and over again here, but I can’t stop myself… I don’t want to make this another Firebaggers versus Obot … Continue reading

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Say what?

Jeralyn: Obama Signals on Drug Reform Marc Ambinder’s new article suggesting Obama will shift his position on the War on Drugs if he gets re-elected doesn’t offer much. […] I have no expectations Obama will ease up on the War … Continue reading

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Don’t be a H8er

WaPo is at it again: Mitt Romney’s summer vacation full of competitive sports and family meetings This weekend, Mitt Romney is starting his annual summer vacation on his lakefront compound here — a week of fun and family, though not … Continue reading

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On “Poll Averages” and What They Mean

For those paying attention, “poll averages” is the new buzz term. Nobody in the blogosphere is talking about it yet, but it is a significant change from previous elections. Do you remember the talk of “poll averages” with Bush-Kerry or … Continue reading

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