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Wright is wrong

Politico: President Barack Obama’s former spiritual adviser spoke just a few miles from the White House on Sunday, and politics and controversy weren’t far from what Rev. Jeremiah Wright had to say. “As we celebrate the foundations of our future, … Continue reading

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Tell us something we don’t already know

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Study shows Palin treated differently by media as vice presidential candidate than Biden The 2008 presidential race was one of the most watched, discussed and analyzed campaigns in U.S. history, and when it came to the vice … Continue reading

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Is Obama a child molester?

Gibbs: ‘Nobody knows’ if Romney is a tax dodge Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs said Sunday that Americans simply don’t know enough about Mitt Romney’s finances to determine if he’s doing anything illegal. “We don’t know. Nobody knows,” the … Continue reading

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Love hurts

John Boehner: Voters Need Not Love Mitt Romney By now, Republican laments that presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney is not the most inspiring figure to ever run for president are well-known. “The Republican bench had several candidates stronger than Romney, … Continue reading

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Perspective: Use it or Lose it

I don’t give a sh!t about the following matters: Obama’s birth certificate. Obama’s college transcripts. What Mitt Romney does with his money. Whether or not Romney or Obama “outsourced” anything. What either candidate’s abortion stance is (one was for it … Continue reading

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