Is Obama a child molester?

Gibbs: ‘Nobody knows’ if Romney is a tax dodge

Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs said Sunday that Americans simply don’t know enough about Mitt Romney’s finances to determine if he’s doing anything illegal.

“We don’t know. Nobody knows,” the former White House press secretary said on CNN’s “State of the Union” when asked if the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was skirting tax law.

“The one thing he can do, Candy, to clear up whether or not he’s done anything illegally, whether he’s shielding his income from taxes in Bermuda or Switzerland, is to do what ever other presidential candidate is done and that’s to release a series of years of their own tax returns,” Gibbs told host Candy Crowley.

“The best way to see if Mitt Romney is complying with America tax law is to have him release more of his tax returns,” Gibbs said.

We don’t know if Barack Obama is a child molester. Nobody knows.

I say it’s up to Obama to prove he’s not a tree-jumping baby-raper.

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  1. Lola-at-Large says:

    Ah, you can’t get let Gibbs get under your skin. That’s what he does, bless his black Alabaman heart. But you’re right, we can’t ignore him. He came out of nowhere and dominated the conversations leading up to the election in 2008. I have no idea what his charm is, because he looks and smells like a snake to me, but he’s got something. Probably best to put him down now (metaphorically) before he gets the idea to run for office one day.

  2. angienc says:

    Ah yes, Gibbs, the fact that we only know about Romney’s bank account from his 203 page, detailed & overly disclosed tax return that he released in full compliance with all financial disclosure requirements means Romney is hiding something.

    As for Obama, John Hindraker at Powerline makes a good case that Obama is the most secretive candidate ever and wonders:

    I don’t doubt that Obama is in good physical health. He is a young man who golfs frequently and boasts about his prowess on the basketball court. So why does he, almost uniquely among modern presidential candidates, insist on keeping his medical records secret? There are obvious possible explanations, which hardly need to be spelled out. In his book The Amateur, Ed Klein recounts that after Obama lost a primary race to Bobby Rush in 2000, Michelle threatened to divorce him, and Obama was so depressed that friends feared he might be suicidal. Do Obama’s medical records contain references to this incident? Or perhaps to other occasions when he has been diagnosed or received treatment for depression?

    This is pure speculation. Yet we know there is some powerful reason why Obama does not want voters to learn his medical history. What is it? A president’s mental health is critically important, and I have always found it remarkable that reporters show no curiosity about what drives Obama to keep his medical history secret, contrary to the practice of nearly every other presidential nominee. Perhaps the Obama campaign’s claim that Mitt Romney is the most secretive candidate since Nixon will be the occasion on which journalists finally ask: Mr. President, since you are so offended by secrecy, why can’t we see your medical records?

    I guess we can’t know if Obama is hiding a serious mental illness — nobody knows.

  3. Oswald says:

    I stole this from Uppity:

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  4. carol haka says:

    Since he hasn’t denied it, I am going to have to say “yes”. 👿

  5. DeniseVB says:

    I posted this on the last thread, but it fits here too.

    It’s not illegal, it’s safer and more private. Of course Swiss Bank Account triggers ELITEST TAX EVADER into the media drool buckets.

    Nobody was concerned when Kerry had his 9 million dollar yacht built in New Zealand instead of a competent but suffering Massachusetts boat building industry. Or chose to park it in another state to save on taxes. Ok, now that screams tax evasion to me. Bad rich people, bad. 😉

  6. Lola-at-Large says:


  7. myiq2xu says:

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      I fell for it, which made me feel bad, but then I saw the real diary and about died laughing.

    • elliesmom says:

      I just got back from the local grocery store. There were 4 girls, I’d guess around 13 or 14, dressed in skimpy little sequined costumes with ears and their faces painted like cats. They were blocking the exit and keeping the automatic door from working properly. They had a card table with a cardboard bucket on it that said, “Help us make it to the Nationals”. The elderly lady ahead of me struggled to get the door open. One of the girls helped her, and the lady threw a handful of change in the bucket. Another one of the girls made a comment about the lady being cheap. After all, they opened the door for her. I asked them if they would come mow my lawn for $25. (The part of my lawn you have to mow is small. That’s generous.) They said, “No, we’re just looking for donations.” I told them I had no personal interest in their “going to the Nationals”, but that I would pay them to do some work for me if they wanted to earn their way. Their response was “Bitch!” Now, if I really had been a bitch, I would have gone back into the store and complained to the manager that they were blocking the exit to the store. I figure they’re future OWSers.

  8. votermom says:

    I was just going to post that for Myiq, LOL!

    That part is Soopermexican’s parody, but chcek out the actual owie diary – just as hilarious, LOL.

  9. myiq2xu says:

    • Rascal says:

      We mustn’t forget Sen. Claire McCaskill who registered her plane in Delaware, where no taxes are imposed. Then she moved the plane to Illinois, where she avoided paying taxes before she moved it to Missouri, where she ignored paying her taxes.

  10. Lola-at-Large says:

    OT: Obots have gone birther! Check out the comments on Zeke Miller’s story du jour, which has proglodytes freaking out all over the place.

    The have magnified the font and checked every angle and they can tell for sure that Obama’s font is not Revolution Gothic. They even have pictures with words and arrows to prove it. Such a good day when Zeke can make Obots go all birther on a non-story. Way to waste some time & energy, Zeke!

  11. Lizzy says:

    I vote for Obama proving he’s not a tree jumping child rapist! Great post. I don’t know which is worse Gibbs or Axelrod accusing Romney of being the most secretive candidate since Nixon. Speaking of Nixon reminds me that Obama is the most corrupt president since Nixon. Thanks to his lavishly loving media the scandals just go poof.

  12. HELENK says:

    this article does make you stop and think.
    progressives and their way to do something

    mormans and their way to do something

  13. angienc says:

    Well good thing we had this discussion this a.m. — I made twitchy with facts learned:

  14. angienc says:

    Oops, turns out Obama appointee IRS Chief Counsel Wilkins is former lobbyist for Swiss Bankers Association — think this will put a dent in the hysteria?

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