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Pander and patronize

NAACP Leaders: Romney Can’t Connect With Black Audiences Black leaders here blamed Mitt Romney for the booing he received from the audience at the NAACP convention here today. It wasn’t just his sharply-worded criticism of President Obama’s policies, several people … Continue reading

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At least he had the balls to show up

Washington Examiner: Congressional Black Caucus head, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Miss. gave Mitt Romney an “F-minus” for his NAACP speech this morning, after he vowed to repeal Obamacare. “I don’t know who is advising Governor Romney from the African-American perspective, but … Continue reading

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Still clueless

Via Hot Air: As Mitt Romney took his family on vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee, where he maintains a tony summer home, Barack Obama decided that this was an opportune moment to paint himself as one of the hoi polloi. At … Continue reading

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ID cards are racist

Huffpoop: Eric Holder: Voter ID Laws Are ‘Poll Taxes’ Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday he opposes a new photo ID requirement in Texas elections because it would be harmful to minority voters. In remarks to the NAACP in Houston, … Continue reading

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