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Father Cockroach of the Year Decade Century

Daily Mail Online: A father has told how he managed to escape the Dark Knight Rises shooting – but was horrified to realise he had lost his four-month old son on the floor of the theatre in the chaos. The … Continue reading

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How should you vote?

(This started as a comment at Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy on a post referring to Lola-at-Large’s post this morning.) Lola spent a lot of time and thought on her decision to endorse Mitt Romney. Was it well reasoned or merely rationalized? … Continue reading

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The Case for Mitt Romney

I came to be a Mitt Romney supporter by way of my anybody-but-Obama inclinations. That is no longer the case. Now I am firmly in the pro-Romney camp, and that change is the result of me taking the time to … Continue reading

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Overnight: Shootings in Aurora, CO

The United States will wake up today to an inexplicable tragedy that unfolded last night at a midnight premier of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Witnesses saw people running and screaming from the Century Aurora 16 Movie Theater in a … Continue reading

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