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When did Benjamin Netanyahu become an unimpeachable source?

This story from Cheetoville is making the rounds thanks to the usual suspects: Netanyahu: Romney Lying About Their Friendship Bibi Netanyahu told Vanity Fair “I remember him [Romney] for sure, but I don’t think we had any particular connections, I … Continue reading

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Friday Night Music Open Thread

The Olympic Opening Ceremony is tonight. I’ll be watching the Giants and Dodgers. What will you be doing?

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Why do people hate us?

Bob Cesca: Why Do People Hate Liberals? To be honest, I didn’t intend to get into yet another column-length rant about this topic… until I read a piece on Salon by Alex Pareene who thinks, “Aaron Sorkin is why people … Continue reading

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Double Face Palm with a Headdesk

Just when you think it can’t get no more stupider, a Prog proves you wrong. Jonathan Chait: The Real Reason ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Works The key thing is that Obama is angry, and he’s talking not in his normal … Continue reading

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The British can kiss my spotted dick

Slublog: Mitt Romney, a guy who has run an Olympics ceremony, offered some tepid criticism of your security for the games and you folks pretty much freaked the hell out over it. Could Romney have answered the question differently? Of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Bigoted Campaign

Remember this speech from the 2004 Democratic National Convention? My how times have changed. Obama has evolved on whether or not there’s a united America, I suppose. Now we live in no less than five or six different Americas going … Continue reading

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