And they wonder why they get taken for granted

Michael Moore: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I Support’ Obama

Liberal stalwarts Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore said Wednesday they’re not thrilled with President Barack Obama’s performance but hope he gets four more years.

“I wouldn’t say I support him. I would say I will vote for him,” Moore said during a panel discussion with fellow Oscar winner Sarandon at the Traverse City Film Festival.

The director of “Roger & Me” and “Fahrenheit 9/11″ said he was “appalled and disgusted” by the administration’s use of drone missiles to attack suspected militants in Pakistan and elsewhere. Critics say the strikes sometimes kill civilians and help militants attract new recruits, while U.S. officials say they’re a necessary tool in the fight against terrorism.

Moore said despite his disappointment, he believes Obama has done some good things. “And I cannot get it in my head to say the words ‘President Romney.’”

Obama “has a conscience. He knows the difference between right and wrong,” Moore said. “And I’m hoping in a second term … he’ll be the Obama that we want him to be.”

And they wonder why they get taken for granted. They can’t claim complete ignorance but they are still hoping Obama will give them a pony. They remind me of battered spouses.

“He really does love me. He promised to change. What would I do with out him?”

But do you know what the worst part is? They consider themselves to be elites – smarter, wiser and better informed than the rest of us. The truth is they are only richer and more famous.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

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32 Responses to And they wonder why they get taken for granted

  1. DailyPUMA says:

    The thing about Michael Moore that I think makes him a fraud is the way he “handled” Michigan’s 2008 primary vote not counting because Michigan moved up their primary date.

    Illinois moved up their primary date from the end of March to the beginning of February.

    This gave Obama 54 premature delegates. So while Hillary Clinton was denied delegates from both Michigan and Florida early on, Obama got his 54 delegates.

    If Moore was not going to address an injustice that directly affected his own state, he just should have shut up and waited out the 2008 democrat nomination contest on the sidelines.

    Moore’s 2008 conduct equals epic fail for me. Moore actually blamed Hillary Clinton’s war vote as if the Iraq war was her war, as if she was the reason the U.S. went to war.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    Battered spouses is an excellent analogy for Obama supporters because I sure can’t figure out how they still support him.

    Having concerns about Romney is understandable, but Obama’s got to go.

    • Oswald says:

      Don’t you love the way Moore dresses like he’s homeless even though he’s a multi-millionaire 1%er?

      • Lizzy says:

        He has to dress that way. The only thing that would fit him is the cover for a grand piano.

  3. Oswald says:

    Ian Welsh:

    Some scattered thoughts on cops, particularly cops in the US.

    Police exist primarily to protect property arrangements. The war on drugs has paramilitarized police, with a heavy emphasis on overwhelming force. While police have always considered themselves above the common herd, and have always looked after themselves first and civilians second, it’s very clear that police today are much worse in this regard than they were 10 years ago, and 10 years before that, and 10 years before that. Police are well aware that they have near full immunity: they can beat people, kill people, plant evidence on people and they will, in most cases, get away with it. Even if caught on tape, the worst punishment is likely to be paid suspension.

    Security forces who are expected to be brutal, as the US’s police are (and much of the rest of the West) can be staffed by two basic personality types: ideologues or thugs. Ideologues, as with the KGB in the USSR, have the advantage of being believers. They also have the disadvantage of being believers. They generally don’t get off on violence and cruelty, though they do it when necessary.

    Thugs, on the other hand, want a license to allow them to be brutal and cruel. They like power and they like to be able to tell other people what to do, to force them to obey and even to grovel. The jokes about the crime of “disrespect of cop” aren’t jokes, it is very close to the most dangerous thing you can do around a cop, as any refusal to obey an order can be cause for a beating and a free-standing resisting arrest warrant (something which used to be impossible, but is now common.)

    • DandyTiger says:

      Life sure is easy when you live in a black and white, good vs. evil world. It must be convenient for Ian not to have to think much.

      At least amongst the various police I know in this community, including county and state, there is no resemblance whatsoever to this assessment. Of course there’s a percentage of crazies. And of course we know from psychological studies the affects of authority if not regulated and monitored. The main issue I see with them are because they’re severely understaffed, so there is a lot of stress and burn out from that.

  4. tommy says:

    Somehow I can’t imagine Moore saying this regarding GWB during his 1st term : Although I am appalled and disgusted with the admins drone attacks, I’ll still vote to give him a second term. Nope, Moore is a hypocrite. Battered wifes syndrome, indeed.

  5. yttik says:

    Hmmm, I can’t afford mere “disappointment” with Obama. For me, getting Obama out is pure and simple survival.

  6. driguana says:

    I have a personal “folder” in the back of my mind called “Beyond Comprehension”…..lots of intriguing stuff in there….one item that has rested there for a long time is “how can anyone actually like this man”. While I actually enjoyed his first film “Roger and Me” about Flint, Michigan and GM, I no longer can comprehend the man and his hollow words.

  7. tommy says:

    According to NYT, O has spend almost $400 million in the campaign against Romney. Hes spending money like a drunken sailor. May eventually spend a billion bucks. He may be gaining marginally at the polls, but I don’t think that the undecideds are going to pay attention till Sept. Thats when Romney will have a distinct advantage. Coming out of the convention and with superior financial firepower, he may tilt the elections his way. We’ll see.

  8. Obama “has a conscience. He knows the difference between right and wrong,”

    Except the criticism Moore offered prior to this statement suggested the exact opposite. Obama is so far inside their heads they won’t even pay attention to their own logic.

  9. cj says:

    It is puzzling how they refuse to see Barack Obama for who he really is, but then again most of them are as phoney as he is. I blame it on a kind of second-rate Radical Chic. but where Leonard Bernstein at least had the balls to reserve his silly, Park Ave slobbering for the real deal, the Clooney, Sarandon, Moore, Maher crowd idiotically project the same chic hipness onto a mediocre, cold-hearted, drone-killing, mom-jeans wearing dork.

    They’ll criticize a little, just to preserve their progressive creds but they’ll never abandon him. For the crowd that lives by the motto, “how cool will I look doing this,” unseating the historic & unprecedented first black preezy would amount to total public relations nightmare.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Good point. From the shallow hollywood celebrity angle, they probably think they have no choice. Well, that’s making a big leap and assuming they can actually think their way out of a wet paper bag. They’d have to be smart and really brave to get around that and say no to Obama. In other words, they’d have to be really cool, not just pretend cool.

  10. DandyTiger says:

    Funny how they say they don’t fully support him but they’ll vote for him. Then in the end they do support him and even give him money.

    And of course the big joke is, policy-wise, what do they think the difference is between Obama and Romney?

    • Lizzy says:

      There are major differences between Romney and O. Obama is a sleazey corruptocrat who has to be paid off for every action. Obama strikes me as an authoritarian dictator wannabe. I don’t think Romney is sick in either of these ways. We can’t get Obama out fast enough to suit me.

    • yttik says:

      Policy wise, there isn’t a great deal of difference, except Obama seems motivated by a desire to right his country’s wrongs, real or imaginary. He seems to want to punish the wealthy, take away small business owner’s pride, and lower our standing in the world. Obama is focused on everything that is wrong, on our alleged sins as a country, and he seems to want payback.

      If you don’t believe your country deserves good things, then you aren’t likely to deliver them.

    • leslie says:

      Really, I don’t know what they think the difference is between Obama and GWBush. Because that is where they began their protests and their outrage. Frankly, the difference between those 2 (W and BHO) is negligible. Those policies and regulations, etc that GWB put in place – you know, the ones that gave him so much unadlterated power, have only been expanded by BHO.
      I suppoert what cj said. That their contribution to the removal of BHO , “the historic & unprecedented first black preezy” would indeed become box office/public relations nightmare.

      • SWPAnnA says:

        You underestimate the number who would line up at the box office and pay top dollar for a ticket to to get dressed up, work the red carpet then watch this posturing bunch of staged righteousness admit, like Demi & Ashton did to Larry King, that they had no idea of the amount of “opposition” they’d encounter trying to implement their scenario through such a dimwit as Obama. His strength was NEVER tested and verified, and was therefore, never on display nor demonstrated when the opposition came nose to nose. Electing this gag-bag served to shore up the self-respect of Americans whose values he dissed and placed the myopia and polly-anna mentality of the cool set into stark contrast. You can’t help feeling superior while they collapse into yesterday’s news.

  11. HELENK says:

    the “new” democratic party is suing in Ohio about the counting of military votes. This is not the first time that the “new” democratic party has fought against military voters. The military can fight and die for the right to vote, but just not have their votes count.

  12. HELENK says:

    holder’s dept of crime investigating republican donor

  13. tommy says:

    Hmm…..I’m hearing disturbing news. Can’t confirm it. 4 people shot at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin? The mods can dig in and confirm. Whos the MSM gonna blame? The Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Walker, guns, the religious right? Whatever, if its true, it ain’t good.

  14. Lizzy says:

    couldn’t possibly blame muslim terrorists.

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