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The meanest Olympics ever

Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon: McKayla Maroney is not going to win any medals for congeniality. As a member of the U.S. gymnastics team’s “Fab Five,” she’s the one Least Likely to Crack a Smile. But if you think that … Continue reading

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Except he lied

Montana man who claimed he was beaten by homophobic thugs actually injured self doing a flip off a curb A 22-year-old Montana man who told cops he was beaten up by gay-bashing thugs while club-hopping on his birthday — igniting … Continue reading

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Stephanie Cutter is a liar

Busted! But then again it’s no surprise. She works for Obama.

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Obama & The Feminist Chorus

WARNING! Profanity in this article! OMG, I am hot under the collar right now. Have to get this out before I blow a blood vessel because I can’t afford to stroke out. What am I hot about? The rising voices … Continue reading

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Feel like sh*t open thread

I’ll write a post later if nobody beats me to it. Until then you’re stuck with this one. BTW – I felt better back when I was still drinking.

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