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Summer Lovin’ Open Thread

To all the girls I’ve loved before – some romantic ballads to set the mood. This is an open thread.

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I know why they like Fresh Prince

Miami Herald: ‘Fresh Prince’ replaces Harry Potter as entertainment for Guantánamo prisoners A library of 28,000 books and videos offers material in several languages to prisoners. Harry Potter used to be most popular, but now it’s Will Smith as the … Continue reading

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Add “son” to the list of racial epithets

Seriously. Toilet Paper Memes: Joe Walsh Accused Of Racial Insensitivity For Referring To Obama As ‘Son’ Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), who recently made news for criticizing his opponent’s willingness to talk about her military service, has a new target: President … Continue reading

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Don’t be an Eeyore

I absolutely despise perkiness, especially in the morning. But I don’t much care for Eeyores either. Jeebus, take some Prozac or something. The past few days I keep seeing more and more people wetting their pants because they think Mitt … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Open Thread

Is today the big day? Will Mitt announce his running mate? If he does, who will it be? Do you care?

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