Summer Lovin’ Open Thread

To all the girls I’ve loved before – some romantic ballads to set the mood.

This is an open thread.

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44 Responses to Summer Lovin’ Open Thread

  1. myiq2xu says:

    Alanis wrote the stalker chick anthem.

    • That’s “our song” for me and my cat.

      • myiq2xu says:

        I actually had an ex-girlfriend who would call me in the middle of the night and play that song.

        She was the first girlfriend I ever had that tried to kill me. I mean that seriously. Lots of guys talk about their “psycho ex-girlfriend.” This one tried to run me over with a truck.

  2. insanelysane says:

    Today, in the mail, Michelle Obama reached out to me to help spread the word about all the great things her husband has done for me and the country in the last three years.

    She sent me a plastic coated double sided list of all the things Obama is to be thanked for. It has directions where to fold it so apparently I can carry it with me easily.
    That’s brilliant.
    So, among the many “fairy tales” “Taking on the Insurance Companies and ” keeping premiums low” he takes claim to
    is an area titled:
    “Equal pay for Equal work.”
    Those words highlighted and in color blue above some fine print.

    The fine print states he signed into law an Act that
    “ensured women can get paid the same as men for the same work.”

    Notice anything in there? The handy, portable brochure says “can”.
    ( Which is accurate.) But the bold face title above this small print says “Equal pay for Equal work.”
    Can is the operative word. Yes, you CAN get equal pay but first you
    have to sue, probably get shamed and ridiculed for your looks and even maybe lose the case and prolly lose your job.
    So, yeah, thanks Barack.

    However,most OBots I’ve talked to believe actually argue that Lily Ledbetter made it a law to pay women equally. Bam . Done.

    When anyone who pays attention knows LL simply loosens the timeliness requirements for the filing of a discrimination suit.

    It’s hardly the same as Equal pay for Equal work, yet my handy brochure from my new BFF Michelle leads one to believe that is what Barack did for me.

    People who voted for Obama are pretty gullible and stupid. It pains me to realize it.

    • Exactly,. You CAN sue IF you find out there’s been a discrepancy, but you’re on your own finding out and suing on your own dime. Fucker. Sorry for the language but I hate his sorry ass so much. Especially for stuff like this.

      • angienc says:

        Actually, to be more precise, you COULD HAVE sued before. The only difference Lily Ledbetter made is that now you have a longer statute of limitations to file suit (time runs from last discriminatory paycheck instead of first discriminatory paycheck).
        Oh, and the pay discrimination law applies to men too — it isn’t specific to women who may have a claim.

        • Hope you don’t mind- I just stole that and put it on my facebook page- sick to death of people telling me about how the fraud gave us equal pay. Best, most concise explanation I have seen. Short, sweet and to the point.
          Maybe some of them will get it if I keep repeating it enough times.

        • angienc says:

          Of course I don’t mind — it’s just the facts.

      • carol haka says:

        Most companies have a cause for termination if you discuss your salary with another employee. So unless you are psychic, good luck finding out! 👿

    • yttik says:

      “People who voted for Obama are pretty gullible and stupid”

      I know! You wouldn’t believe the crap I’ve heard people say. He’s freed the slaves, given women equal pay, legalized gay marriage, ended the war, and cured cancer.

    • DM says:

      Pennsylvania GOP official Jim Roddey should have said it differently.

      Republican Jokes Obama Supporters ‘Mentally Retarded’

  3. Ahem:

    Take note, veep watchers: Earlier today, a charter plane took off in Boston, stopped in Chicago, then flew to the tiny airport in Janesville, Wis. Janesville, of course, is the hometown of Representative Paul Ryan, a top vice-presidential contender. According to a source on the ground, the plane is still in Wisconsin.

    First stop on the swing state tour tomorrow? The USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, VA.

    • cj says:

      You were right Lola, you predicted it would happon on either a Friday or Saturday & you kind of got both. Friday night —> media speculation buzz & Saturday —> media VP buzz.

      Congrats 🙂

      • Thanks, Cj. 🙂 Now if only Ryan is a headfake, so could really gloat if it’s Christie. But I predicted Ryan as a potential too, so either way, I’m good.

        • DM says:

          If Romney picks Ryan, the team has a good chance of getting the WI electoral votes. Right now those votes are “lean Obama”.
          In addition, a Ryan pick strengthen the the TP appeal, and the white blue collar vote.

          Not bad.

        • angienc says:

          Ryan helps throughout the Midwest (OH, PA) IMO.
          I’ve been hearing talk that a Ryan pick will “give” FL to Obama, but I’m not convinced that is anything other than an Obama haka. I remembered a gallup poll from last year that seniors favored Ryan’s budget plan over Obama’s & I found it here:

          Obama is going to hang the Ryan plan around Romney’s neck anyway; Ryan’s probably the best guy to to explain it — remember how he took it too Obama over the Obamacare plan to take $500 million out of Medicare to pay for all the other cr*p in there (i.e, “hiding spending doesn’t reduce spending)?

          Hmm, Romney/Ryan — the two people Obama hates the most. I can live with that.

          If it *is* Ryan, how long before Axelrod declares that pick is an “insult” to Hispanics? (Remember, he said picking Rubio would be an “insult” to Hispanics — I’m sure he plans to have it both ways).

        • angienc says:

          *$500 billion, not million.

  4. carol haka says:

    Breaking news:

    9am in the morning, we know the VP.



  5. tommy says:

    At the Olympics, we have finally surged ahead of the Chinese both in the gold and overall medal tally. Excellent! Another couple of days left.

  6. Oswald says:

    I hope the GOPers publish them online.

    And no, I don’t want to see them.

  7. tommy says:

    Looks like Ryan is gonna get the nod for VP. Don’t know if its a good pick. Pushing grandma on wheelchair off the cliff ads for the next couple of months.

    • tommy says:

      Good post, Lola.

      • Definitely appreciate the feedback, but may I ask why you didn’t leave the comment there? I’m not bothered by it, but I’m trying to build my audience there, and if there’s something I can do to encourage people to post comments there, I’d want to hear it. Hope that makes sense. We’re in beer fog #2 this week. 😀

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