Don’t be fooled

I was reading a golden oldie post at Uppity’s place and I was reminded that we never did solve the mystery of how Barack Obama ended up in the White House.

Prior to 2002 Obama was just another ambitious wannabe. Using a successful legal challenge he got himself elected to the Illinois state senate by knocking his opponents off the ballot. If he had powerful friends he wouldn’t have needed to do that. Nor would he have just sat there in Springfield for several years voting “present.” In 2000 he tried to take on Bobby Rush for a seat in Congress and got his ass handed to him. That doesn’t sound like a guy with major political connections.

Then around 2002 things began to change for Obama. The same guy who lost a run for a House seat in 2000 mounted a successful run for the Senate in 2004. But he still needed some luck – If Blair Hull and Jack Ryan didn’t have some juicy dirty laundry Obama would have lost.

Now it really starts to get interesting. Obama gives the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic convention. I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people were impressed. But Kerry still lost the election.

So now Barack Obama is a U.S. Senator. A very junior senator in a town where Ivy League diplomas are a dime a dozen and speechifying is a job requirement. A junior senator from the minority party. Obama dives into the Village cesspool and disappears.

Slightly over two years later Obama emerges and launches his campaign for the White House. Money and endorsements roll in. The media (who usually hate Democrats) are his biggest fans.

Obama was a newcomer in 2006-2008. He hadn’t been around long enough to develop the political muscle to rig the RBC vote and all the shenanigans with the caucuses and delegates and the nomination vote. He didn’t have the power or skills to shove Hillary Clinton aside against the wishes of the voters. He needed powerful friends to do that for him.

That’s “friends” plural. No one person has that much power. We know who some of them were – Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Howard Dean and Donna Brazile. Kennedy is gone but the rest are still around.

So don’t be fooled. Defeating Obama will not get rid of the corruption in the Democratic party.

But it’s a good place to start.

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50 Responses to Don’t be fooled

  1. Oswald says:

    When in doubt, vote ’em out!

  2. HELENK says:

    Have you ever watched big cats? how they stay quiet and wait until the right time to pounce?
    The democratic party is still underestimating the anger and the patience of P.U.M.A.S
    some was shown in 2010, but look out in 2012

  3. cj says:

    I hope we eventually find out, because even now, the improbability of a Barack Obama stealing the nomination, then going on to win the election feels like a long, diabolical nightmare that I can’t wake up from.

    I think CDS played a big part, though. The Kennedy/Kerry/Pelosi/Reid faction were never going to let another Clinton anywhere near the oval office. Still don’t understand why.

    • It’s a class thing. Kennedy spent his entire career pretending to help poor people. When one of them finally got into the Oval Office after working his off to work his way, it scared the hell out of him. He felt like something was stolen from him.

      • cj says:

        Also a power thing. Kennedy & Pelosi wanted to be the big dogs in party, with Kerry & Reid next in line but you can’t do that unless you knock the original off the throne.

        It must frost their asses that the Dems still have to go begging to Clinton everytime they run into trouble.

    • carol haka says:

      Afterall, remember the “keys” were passed from generic Kennedy’s to Obama – not from the Clinton that had actually held the office of President of the United States of America! 👿

    • myiq2xu says:

      I knew the Republicans and the media hated Bill&Hill. But it wasn’t until 2008 that I realized that the Democratic party establishment hated them even more.

  4. HELENK says:

    it is weird I am rereading a series of books I read during the 1980s. The manipulators by Gloria Vitanza Basile. they are fiction but they could be about today. About how the msm is owned and operated by a few people. About the men in the background who decide who shall be the leaders of countries. When there will be wars and how much profit can be made from them. Everybody laughs about the little men in Switzerland running the world. Do they exist, I am not sure. Does it seem odd how things happen?

  5. DandyTiger says:

    Follow the money. The king makers in the Republican party and the Democratic party wanted Obama. He’s the perfect stooge. Does what they want, bailouts to their buddies and partners (and to them), more wars and defense and weapon spending, let all the banker/wall street crowd slide from their ill gotten gains. It’s a great gig if you can get away with it. Bonus points: destroy the propped up, stooge, stand by, back up, Republican lite party at the same time.

    Question is, do all those people want Obama to continue? On the one hand, more of the same for them. On the other hand, things may not be quite going according to plan.

    • carol haka says:

      Most of Wall Street is handled now with Super Computers not individual traders. Nobody seems to talk about that. We are all being taken to the cleaners everyday all day! 👿

      I wish I could me ahold of one of those for just a day, hell, even an hour!

  6. carol haka says:

    More importantly who moved the money and crashed the economy just as Sarah Palin made a 15 point gain on Obama? I think McCain wanted to throw the election to Obama anyway. 👿 I know but when will it be publically confirmed?

  7. Will we ever know how it happened? And given the number of states using the damn touch screen computers (Diebold anyone?) we can never be sure if an election result is legit. The media say what they are told to say. Polls proclaim the desired results as not many read the cross tabs or bother to find out they are weighting the numbers to give the results they want.
    Obama was a nobody. He said it himself- something to the effect of ‘I am an empty page on which people can write….” How did a nobody beat the Clinton machine?
    Who IS the man behind the curtain?

    • carol haka says:

      George Soros and people we will never know the name of!

      And you can bet, Obama isn’t going down without a fight! Something catastrophic will occur in the next 80+ days!

      I just hope Israel isn’t stupid enough to trust him in anyway


  8. DandyTiger says:

    I’m not sure Obama knows he’s the fool. Kind of funny.

  9. lorac says:

    Voting for Obama is voting for 4 more years of Bush policies with no democrats speaking up about it…

    • angienc says:

      I’ve got to say, I know I’m 100% ABO, and I’m a cynic to boot, but that was a pretty moving ad. If they are going for the “optimistic Reagan ‘Morning in America'” approach, they are hitting it with that one.

    • lyn5 says:

      I’ll vote for ACT (America’s Comeback Team) over WTF on election day.

    • angienc says:

      BTW. Team Romney reported raising $3.5 million in internet donations within 24 hours of announcing the Ryan pick — 41,000 donors, average donation of $85, 700,000 visits to the website, most from mobile devices (first for the campaign — indicates younger voters visiting).

      • angienc says:

        Sorry, not “most” from mobile devices — 30% from mobile devices, which is the highest percentage of hits to the website in one day from mobile devices the campaign has received to date. Point still stands that the mobile device hits indicates younger voters visiting. According to a 2010 Pew Poll, mobile devices are primary source of internet access for younger people.

  10. swanspirit says:

    Who got rich ? Harry Reid. among others Who got richer ? Nancy Pelosi among others , but no reporting on that from any media sources . The swamp cannot be drained when the Alligator in Chief is in the Oval Office

  11. carol haka says:

    Beautiful Woman – physically and spiritually! 👿

    • They posted this on RCP yesterday. Here’s the comment I left:

      “He is the pick for this urban woman. I don’t need more reproductive freedom, I already have it and I’ve successfully taken advantage of it. I never once needed an abortion in 28 years of reproductive capacity, so I don’t even have to thank Democrats for it. I built that. The market helped.

      Ryan’s the pick for me because the most pressing issue in my life–and for my entire life, quite frankly–is ECONOMIC SECURITY. Get that, Andrea? For my whole life I have watched as Washington has kept us Main Streeters in our place, depressed our wages, and enriched themselves.

      I’ve paid close attention here. Romney & Ryan both genuinely want a level playing field where anybody who has the gumption to work hard CAN succeed, and wants to offer us some of the same financial opportunities the privileged have access to every day.

      Democrats could have gotten behind this idea. They often claimed they were, and for a while, I believed them. But not anymore. After the debacle of their performance in Obama’s first two years in office, and from 2006-2008, I no longer buy their ideas. I can see how bogus they really are; all talk and no substance, and often include betrayal.

      So this year I’m trying on a new party. I’m voting Romney/Ryan, and also straight GOP for the first time in my life. I’m off the Democrat’s plantation, and I’m not alone. We cut your gender gap to nothing in 2010, and we’re going to do it again in 2012. And we’re going to do it with the truth and a sound plan. I know you hate that. Good. You’re part of the problem. “

  12. DailyPUMA says:

    yes, Obama is the symptom, not the problem. The problem starts with George Soros and also includes what I call the gay mafia in San Francisco that re-elects Pelosi no matter what.

    Pelosi was only one of a handful of democrats who actually increased their margin of victory in 2010 over their prior election margin. Now how can the one person most responsible for the democrats losing seats in 2010 actually GAIN in margin of victory? Answer, the Gay Mafia.

    The Gay Mafia and Pelosi have an understanding. The question is, why did the Gay Mafia want Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton? I suppose the answer is because Hillary Clinton voted yes on the war in Iraq. Hillary Clinton was put in a damned if she does vote for the war, and damned if she does not vote for the war position.

    Pelosi will NEVER be defeated and therefore will always be the democrat lynchpin who decides who goes where within the party because of her seniority. And since the most prominent women tend to not be able to support each other very well, they probably won’t advocate for a democrat female presidential candidate (since they may see it as an erosion of their own power base) while spinning all republican female presidential candidates as basically being insane or not what they seem.

    In a way, the woman’s way seems different than the mans way. Whenever a key male power figure dies, there is a huge power struggle to take his place by other males that in some parts of the world involves violence and death.

    It seems like the females are happier simply holding onto to their power base AND NOT having another female surpass them. Very interesting, that may not be a bad thing actually. Although in this instance it meant electing Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton, and that was most definitely a bad thing.

    The thing about 2008 is this, there was no real reason for any prominent female to be against Hillary Clinton, they could have always remained neutral until the democrat voters had decided between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Instead, people like Shriver, Winfrey, Pelosi and Huffington helped elect A BANKER to the white house and in the process kept or improved their social standing, short term anyways.

  13. carol haka says:

    Absolutely toooo cute!

  14. Ticked off. CBS is apparently interviewing Romney/Ryan on 60 minutes tonight, but my local is preempting for some stupid golf thing. Grrrr.

  15. tommy says:

    My theory is that folks like us have a B.S radar. O’s entire life is just a little too easy, too manufactured for it to be real. Its just not an original life story. Senator who votes present all the time becomes POTUS. Sounds like B.S to me. The only thing original in his life is his loss to Bobby Rush. Otherwise, right from his educational years, his ‘church’, his ‘community organising’, his entry into politics, him beating his opponents on a technicality by their disqualification from the ballot, his senate career, him gainiing the trust of democrats on a national level, him beating Clinton all sounds too much like a fairy tale, with no dose of reality. I know it sounds tin foil, but in my opinion, its just too pat. He has to have a backer, a benefactor. Not the Kennedys, Pelosis or Reids – they are just sleazy politicians. For them, they had something to gain by backing O, and maybe something to lose if they didn’t do so. No, someone powerful has been behind his success right from his early years. We may never know the truth. The MSM and the caucasian majority are too sensitive to charges of racism. I state this as a minority myself. But never will I ever believe in this sudden and miraculous rise of Barack Obama. Common sense and realities of life point to that B.S.

  16. myiq2xu says:

    Minor dilemma – Do I watch 60 Minutes at 7 and then Breaking Bad encore at 8:30 or do I watch Breaking Bad at 7 and watch 60 Minutes online?

    Just joking – I’m watching Breaking Bad

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