Paul Ryan on the Man and the Moment

Mark my words. That’ll be a campaign slogan introduced at the convention. Mitt Romney: The Man for this Moment. Or something like it, anyway.

As promised, here’s the full video of Ryan’s speech yesterday. Apologies for the shaky camera, which was my on-clearance $50 hand-held video cam, paid for with a generous donation from one of my P&L readers ahead of my 2010 women’s history tour. Thank you, you know who you are! Apologies also for my loud laugh.

Video of Ryan’s speech at the Oxford, OH campus of Miami University, in two parts.

Here’s Part 2:

Highlights for me:

“We will lead. We will earn your support. We will deserve victory. Because when we win, we will have the obligation, the mandate, and the moral authority to get this country back on the right track.”

“This is one election where this division presents such a clear contrast. Governor Romney and I will protect and strengthen Medicare for our current senior and for our future seniors of tomorrow. there’s more… We need growth, we need opportunity, we need upward mobility, we need jobs. And that is why we’re offering solutions. ”

“We’re not going to try and tear and tear down our opponents so you try to make one of the awful selections of the lesser of two evils, we’re going to offer you solutions. That’s what the Romney plan for a stronger middle class is all about!”

“We have got to stop spending money we don’t have!”

“Let me tell you a little about the man who will be the next President of the United States. His name is Mitt Romney. It’s really kind of amazing in my mind how the man and the moment have met. Because we need a person of conviction. A person of integrity. And the person with the kind of leadership we need to get this country back on track. ”

“This is no ordinary election. These are not ordinary times. America, and the meaning and promise of our nation, is at stake in this election.”

It was really quite an amazing experience, all doubts aside in the clear light of day. I’ll have a complete analysis on the particulars of the speech tomorrow at P&L. Share your thoughts in comments.

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40 Responses to Paul Ryan on the Man and the Moment

  1. PS: That was totally me and the World War II babes yelling “We love you Paul!” midway through the Part 2 video. πŸ˜€

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’m a first year boomer, I like your friends. So typical of tea party rallies too, people are so nice and love our country. Glad you found them. πŸ˜€

      I have no problem telling people I’m a Democrat at conservative rallies and events, or as I like to call it, My Not All Democrats Are Idiots tour. You represented us well πŸ™‚

      Funny story…..while in Manhattan, I attended a free Glenn Beck event after nabbing one of the 1500 available tickets to his venue. Got there early, and the line was around the block because of the slow TSA security entry (he had just hung Van Jones scalp on his belt) into the theater. My line neighbors were all DEMOCRATS. Came in from Long Island and New Jersey too. Almost as far as you traveled. Our common bond was WTF’s wrong with our party, answers seem to be in Beckistan…LOL. Our conservative friends in line just wanted to hug us. Surreal experience indeed.

      • Good story. Hehe. I’ll say this. Obama brought some real unity to this country, though not the kind he said he would. πŸ˜€

        • WMCB says:

          I’m finding a lot of those kind of Americans, D R and I. You could call it the “God save us from the tribal loonies” party. They lean left, right, whatever, and don’t agree on everything. But they want serious discussion, common sense, love the country, and are sick to fucking death of political scare games and bloody shirt waving.

        • DeniseVB says:

          What I’ve learned from our doggy friends, with a twist….To Err is Liberal, To Forgive is Conservative.

          One of these days I’ll share the Olympic figure skater dream to NYC college dropout to punk band to anarchist to Riker’s Island/Rehab to conservative adventures of my daughter. She went from homeless to fabulous in 4 years. And she built that, I didn’t help her, I ran out of money. There’s some links on my blogroll dedicated to her. Including the NYT and Shepard Smith interview links πŸ˜€ Goodness knows I’ve tried to direct Amy Siskind to her as a motivational speaker mentor to young ladies. :crickets:

  2. Oswald says:

    Did any ladies throw their underwear on stage?

  3. HELENK says:

    you did good lady.

    your sound and filming were excellent
    thank you for sharing your experience with us

  4. WMCB says:

    As the lefty press rushes to portray Ryan as a batshit EXTREME extremist!!!! Please note what was being written about him back in early 2009, before he was a threat. Stolen from an Althouse commenter:

    From an interesting 2009 profile of Paul Ryan:

    Not a culture warrior

    He cautioned listeners more than once that day that Democrats “aren’t our enemies, they’re our opponents,” and, “They ran on doing these things and so they’re doing them. They won!”

    Ryan prides himself on his personal relationships with Democrats and his outreach to African-Americans, organized labor and others.

    “A lot of conservatives just think unions are nothing but bad. That’s just not true,” says Ryan, who grew up in a city with a huge United Auto Workers local and broke with most conservative Republicans by voting for the auto bailout in December, citing the “mounting hardships” in southern Wisconsin, once a car-making hub.

    “They’re people who are just trying to make their lives better, people trying to collectively negotiate a better standard of living for themselves. What the heck is wrong with that?” he says of unions. “Granted, I get picketed once a week.”

    While socially conservative, Ryan’s focus is so overwhelmingly economic that he generally avoids entanglement in the culture wars.

    “He doesn’t get caught up with the so-called social issues that separate people,” says Steve King, the former state GOP chairman who has chaired Ryan’s campaigns.

    Learning from gay friends

    One social issue where he broke with most House Republicans was his support for federal legislation banning employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    “I take lot of crap for that vote” from conservatives, says Ryan, who doesn’t consider himself a strict libertarian but says his views lean that way on this issue. “The way I see that  . . .  may be informed by just friendships I’ve had, people I grew up with in Janesville who didn’t choose to be gay. It wasn’t an orientation they decided to experiment (with) or choose. It’s just who they are. They were just created that way.”

    This guy sure sounds like an ideological extremist to me.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Ryan had me at being re-elected in a blue district since 1998 πŸ˜€ You don’t pull that sh*t off if you’re an Extremist, eventually the unions buy your replacement. He seems to play well with others and as a man of faith, he certainly doesn’t wear it on his sleeve, he simply walks the walk. (reminds me of Sarah’s leadership qualities I admire).

      Also, he refused to challenge his good friend Russ Feingold for his Senate seat. That speaks volumes to me too.

      • WMCB says:

        Yup. It’s similar to Romney in ways. For years Dems viewed him as a moderate Massachusetts Republican, nice guy, not a loony ideologue, worked well with his all-D legislature. They and the press viewed him that way for YEARS.

        All of a sudden we are supposed to believe he’s the most extreme, radical, unhinged, uncooperative, rigid conservative ever to draw breath.

        I’m tired of that fecking game. Sorry, but Mitt is what he has always been – moderate free-marketer, with some business sense, an eye to efficiency, and affable on most stuff. Mostly inoffensive. He didn’t morph into extremist overnight just because he’s a threat now.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Houston, I think we have a media problem πŸ˜€ Politico’s been slamming Romney for weeks, and upped their game to include Ryan these past few days (Janna Ryan is a SAHM, the lazy Rich Bitch! <something like that). Today over at WHD (Keith Koffler's site), Politico is whining that the Biden people won't give them access to JOE! Oh NOES!!! Funny that the press corps is being ignored by Obama in favor of ET and People Mag ? :crickets:

        • DandyTiger says:

          What’s really sad is there are liberals who believe that. Yesterday: reasonable moderate you could work with; smart, well thought out legislation, works with both parties, will compromise, etc. Today: batshit crazy extremist, scary, wants to kill grandma. Apparently thinking is not a trait of today’s new Dems.

  5. Oswald says:

  6. HELENK says:

    this article is from last May. pretty informative on Ryan’s plan and the changes occurring due to it

  7. carol haka says:

    Breaking News from

    “Don 25 minutes ago in reply to c4pfan

    Just got this from a reliable source. Thought you would want to

    It has been leaked to the press that Barack Obama has chosen Sylvester
    Stallone for his 2012 running mate and Nancy Pelosi for Secretary of State and
    is dropping Joe Biden from the ticket.They will run as Sambo, Rambo and
    Bimbo, without Dumbo.”

    And, the new campaign slogan will be: “The Team of Stinky Head Poo Poo Butts” per yttik.


  8. Jesus! Look at these numbers:

    7 . . . Official speech events (plus visits to drought-afflicted farm and a wind-turbine farm)


    15,793 . . . Total estimated attendees at official events, as calculated by various fire marshals

    That averages 2,200 people per event. There we 6,000 at Oxford for the GOP VP candidate. This sure ain’t 2008.

    • catarina says:

      Oh for fuck’s sake, the whining anti-ID morons again.

      All over CNN and all over the radio this afternoon-the same talking point: “There is no proof of voter fraud, waaa waaa!Those racist repubs just don’t want a black man in the white house, they never cared about ID before waaaa!

      • Which is utter BS. GOP has been working on voter ID laws since the 80s, at least. They know what’s been going on with vote fraud and they’ve been trying to protect their flank.

      • yttik says:

        My liberal state has much more oppressive voter rules. Most of us have to vote by mail which means not only ID, but proof of address and registration with the Sec of State. Of course nobody cares because this is a blue state so suddenly stringent voting requirements are not a problem.

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