John Smart Show Open Thread

I’ll be on the John Smart show tonight. 9:00 pm EDT, 6:00 PST. Join us!

Topic include:

Tonight: Annabelle [sic] of Peacocks and Lillies [*sic] and  The Crawdad Hole  returns.

Topics: The evolving political parties. Which party is forward looking? Which is clinging to the past?

Also:  New swing state polls, and Akin, Abortion and Ryan, oh my.

*I thought misspelling lilies-one-L was a southern thang. Looks like west-coasters do it too! And it’s Anna Belle, folks. My name is definitely a Southern thang! :p

The call in number is (877) 653-8381. Please call in!

This is an open thread.


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12 Responses to John Smart Show Open Thread

  1. JohnSmart says:

    Wait! I misspelelt lilees? Stoopid spell chex!

    Annabelle here:

  2. carol haka says:


    Turns out Gawkers money is socializing with Romney’s money down in the Cayman’s. I’ve been there – it’s lovely.

  3. angienc says:

    Please talk about this if Akin/McCaskill comes up:

    Flashback: Claire McCaskill in 2006 on Bill Clinton:

    I wouldn’t want him near my daughter.

    Video at link here:

    It wasn’t that long ago that it was the Dems throwing Bill under the bus re: “the woman problem” even as they use him now to help get dissatisfied Dems back into the fold.

  4. myiq2xu says:

    Dippy Debbie vs. Anderson Cooper:

  5. foxyladi14 says:

    Dippy Debbie 😆 :lol;

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