Sunday Morning Music Open Thread

I realize that this would be silly and wasteful especially considering that we no longer have a space program, but wouldn’t it be the perfect way to honor Neil Armstrong if we were to cremate his body and send his ashes to the moon?

This post is in honor of all our astronauts, living and dead. They are all heroes.

Maybe one day our children will dream of going into space again.

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  1. LOL get out of my head!

  2. Captain Quark says:

    Who says we no longer have a space program? The Curiosity Mars mission surely counts, no? The death trap that was the Space Shuttle is gone, and good riddance to it. Sending people into space is a colossally wasteful way to go, given what unmanned space exploration can accomplish.

  3. YIKES! MyIq is this your work? ROFL!

    [mod comment: Not safe for work…but really funny!]

  4. DandyTiger says:

    Sadly Obama kept his campaign promise to gut NASA. Perhaps it’s time to more more and more of that to commercial activities anyway. Some of those commercial activities will certainly be great, including asteroid mining operations being developed. And some of the unmanned activities that NASA is doing like Curiosity are certainly amazing. But as the NASA budget gets smaller and smaller, and then before long we see China send people to the moon and then to mars, what will we do then? What advantages would they have if they can send people to mars and we can’t.

    • leslie says:

      If China sends enough people to the moon, and they stay there, maybe there will be more jobs here. /s

    • Captain Quark says:

      If the Chinese want to spend hundreds of billions to send people to Mars, I say they are welcome to waste their resources on a fool’s errand. Unmanned space exploration is cheaper and more effective. Besides, it’s not like the US has any spare money to throw at such a pure-prestige venture.

  5. driguana says:

    lots of moon tunes on the web today….

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